A shooting massacre at a Mexico hotel left about a dozen people dead and several injured here on Monday.

According to the reports, the Gala hotel and bar which is located in the central state of Guanajuato was attacked by hooded gunmen who opened fire leaving 11 dead and 5 severely injured.

The reports say that a group of about 15 men who were armed and wearing hoodies came in two different trucks and opened fire immediately on employees and clients of the hotel. They shot more than 50 rounds and according to the eyewitnesses, the attackers burnt two businesses’ storefronts also by throwing homemade bombs.

All the suspects fled the crime scene immediately after firing the gunshots. The guests were horrified by the rounds of gunfire being shot and most of them were trapped in their rooms.

Law enforcement agencies arrived at the location immediately after the incident and found two women and two men dead at the hotel lobby while six other people were found dead at the bar.

Secretary of Citizen Security of Celaya, Ignacio Rivera Peralta responded to the scene immediately and have ordered investigation agencies and officers to prosecute the incident.

Authorities had found plastic bags having dismembered bodies of unknown people in the close proximity of the said hotel before the horrific attack. The bodies were found just hours before the shooting episode.

A cardboard box was found on the top of the dismembered bodies with potential threats of an organized crime that took place later in the evening.

Various criminal organizations have been taken into the investigation by the local law enforcement authorities. There are many operational in the area. One of them is the main suspect known as Sana Rosa de Lima Cartel which is dedicated to crimes like Huachicoleo meaning the people who regularly commit crimes like theft and illegal buying and selling of fuel as well as alcoholic drinks and beverages