In Northern Mexico, a bus plunged into a guardrail going down to an embankment resulting in the death of 6 migrants while injuring 25 others.

This is the latest in the series of the deadly crashes involving the migrants over the past week

The civil defense officer in Northern Mexico, San Luis Potosi stated that the injured included an 8-year-old child and a little six-month-old infant baby.

The office stated that all the victims were “migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, and Cuba”.

According to the immigrant activists, the sudden surge in the crackdown against the migrants crossing the borders of the United States of America has led these migrants to choose more dangerous and riskier routes to get into the soil of America.

“More people are choosing to take more dangerous routes,” wrote Irineo Mujica, an immigrant activist. “The number of people who die trying to cross Mexico is rising.”

The local media stated that the bus had departed from Mexico City and was directed toward the U.S border. The photos and videos from the accident scene suggest that the bus flipped to one side which led to its downfall breaking the guardrail.

A similar incident was reported by the authorities of Veracruz, a coastal state of Mexico stating that six migrants had drowned off the gulf coast of Mexico in order to cross the border one of the migrants is still missing. The authorities claimed that all the immigrants belonged to Honduras and were being trafficked by smugglers. They had taken the migrants into open boats to cross the gulf in order to avoid the checkpoints of highway immigration authorities.

Four of the migrants were saved from the ocean alive by the rescuers whereas one was still missing after the 25-feet long boat capsized just off the gulf coast.

Migrants from neighboring countries are known to swim, wade or take boats and rafts in order to cross the border into Mexico while attempting to get into the U.S frontier. With the aid of the smugglers, tens of thousands of migrants still make it across even though the Mexican government has tightened the border security and has started a strict check to conceal the illegal migration into the United States of America.