MEXICO CITY – Five marines got injured after the Mexico military helicopter crashed during a forest firefighting mission, the authorities said no serious injuries were reported.

“5 Mexico marines on firefighting flight hurt in copter crash Mexico’s navy says a military helicopter on a mission fighting forest fires has crashed, causing non-life threatening injuries,” a source Tweeted.

The crash happened on Tuesday shortly after the Russian manufactured Mi-17 helicopter took off from a runway in Pacific coast city, Mazatlan.

The injured marines have been shifted to a hospital for treatment, reported the navy.

Video retrieved from the crash scene showed the helicopter hovering and then losing control, twirling on its axis and falling into a field.

Earlier in March, another plane crash happened in a grocery store in Mexico, killing 3 and injuring four, ABC News reported.

“RSOE EDIS Event Report – Airplane accident – Mexico – 3 dead as small plane crashes into Mexican grocery store,” Emergency and Disaster information Tweeted.

On March 29, a small non-military aircraft crashed into a wall of a supermarket residing in the South of Mexico City.

The three individuals who got killed were aboard the aircraft that has a capacity of accommodating nine passengers.

Morelos’ civil defense office did not reveal at that time whether the injured ones were the passengers or the people in the grocery store.

Later images provided by the office showed the aircraft’s fuselage lying on the ground among the household goods inside the supermarket in Temixco,  a town located on the outskirts of Cuernavaca city.

The aircraft allegedly slammed through a cinderblock wall and struck the household products section. Its wings and tail were almost shorn off.

According to the FlightAware website, the aircraft had ‘taken off from the Pacific coast resort of Acapulco.’