The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the world’s most well-known museums. Franchises varying from Gossip Girl to When Harry Met Sally has made use of the historic building in their blockbuster movies. Today, the museum turns 151 years old and Google has decided to celebrate the event by incorporating the edifice in its doodle.

The doodle itself is intricately structured; It highlights an animated ground layout of the Central Park structure, surrounded by rotating gifs that display the inner contents of the collection that are held inside. It is a tribute to the Museum of Art which was founded by a set of Americans who aimed to create a museum that brings the finest collection of education and art to citizens. A few of its most popular works include the ‘Venus Italica’ sculpture and ‘The Denial of Saint Peter’ by Caravaggio.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, more popularly known as “The Met” is New York’s largest art museum and it has a total collection of 1.5 million artifacts that span millions of decades. Many of the contents of the museum have been featured in the Google Doodle including Byzantine Floor mosaic from 500 A.D, the beguiling “Self Portrait” by Samuel Joseph Brown Jr from the 1940s, and a culturally rich Lakota beading dress.

Over the years, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has grown into a historical landmark-one that garners a flock of visitors to its doors. Located in the center of the bustling city, the museum has built an aura of its own: Gothic, mysterious, and striking. Even residents of the Upper Eastside occasionally linger around the building with their friends and family.

The Museum has an identity of its own, which has been developed and rebranded by the Met Gala that takes place at the venue each year. The Met Gala is an extravagant affair that attracts a herd of celebrities who parade down the steps of the building in all their glory.  Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the most iconic landmarks of the city of New York; here’s to the past 151 years of renewed splendor.