Melissa McCarthy and her husband came to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” to share a strange dream encounter.

The dream story was shared on McCarthy’s Instagram account. According to her, the actor Mark Wahlberg was home quarantining in her house. She told in Ellen’s show that her dream felt so real that she went into her guest room to check if Wahlberg was there or not.

McCarthy and her husband laughed it off and wanted to share the unreal dream with everyone. According to them, they both were enjoying a beer in a light mood and then slept in a while. Maybe that’s why Melissa ended up having this dreamy encounter with Mark Wahlberg.

The whole situation was so full of satire that it filled the show’s episode with laughter. Melissa McCarthy further told about her dream that the actor, Wahlberg, was wearing an apron and was seen holding a vacuum cleaner.

Dream about Mark WahlbergThe show’s highlight was that Ellen made McCarthy’s dream come true. She invited Mark Wahlberg on the virtual show. As he appeared, he was seen wearing an apron and holding a vacuum cleaner, just as McCarthy saw in her dream.

Ellen made the situation, even more, funnier with her witty sense of humor and the couple could not stop laughing. She made fun of how Wahlberg was seen with an apron on and a vacuum cleaner. Mark Wahlberg said that he likes cleaning the house and offering his services to people.

Ellen’s show always promotes helping others and spreading love. She always brings forward people who work for a good cause. McCarthy and her husband, Ben Falcone also shared about their work for the healthcare workers.

The couple works to gather money for different restaurants that give food to frontline healthcare workers. Though the couple started with a humorous dream story, they also gave a positive message of working for others and helping them in the hour of need.