Melissa Etheridge announced the news of her son’s death. She is heartbroken and said that she stood with all the people who have lost their family members to drug addiction. Her son was just twenty-one years of age and had been an opioid abuser. She stated how her son had been struggling to overcome this addiction but had lost amidst.

She thanked all the people that had called her for condolences and had been with her at the time. Her son was found dead in his apartment. But a medical examination is still going on to figure out the manner of death.

Etheridge had been married to Cypher previously and now have been separated. The couple had been together for a very long time. Melissa had later said in her memoir that her husband had been unfaithful towards her.

Hence, it resulted in a separation. The singer has had two children with her previous husband. Her late son and a daughter Bailey had been conceived artificially through sperm donation and the sperm was donated by David Crosby, another famous musician.

The singer had been hosting shows. She later gave the news of postponing all her shows from the Home series.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the country was under lockdown and there were no public places open for gatherings. The singer started doing concerts and shows online. She came up with a broadcasting strategy. She posted all live songs using Facebook live and fans joined in from all around the world to listen to her voice. She came live on a total of 57 days through Facebook.

Etheridge also ended her tweet by saying that she would resume singing again shortly. Singing has always brought her peace and clarity. Hence, she will come in front of her fans again very soon.

The singer also had twins from another marriage. Her marriage to Tammy Lynn Michael did not end in a very pleasant way. Their split ended with many allegations that were spread back and forth. The pair fought hard in the custody battle for their children.

Etheredge after her two separations is now married to Linda Wallem, who is a television executive.