There’s plenty that goes on in your life once you become a celebrity, no matter big or small. Here are a few top spicy celebrity gossip stories from this week.

  1. Entrepreneur and TV personality Kylie Jenner has reached 300 million Instagram followers, the first woman to do so on the platform. Not only that but she’s only behind one other user on the platform, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo who has 390 million followers.
  2. Megan Fox’s ex-husband Brian Austin Green is reportedly happy for her and Machine Gun Kelly who recently announced their engagement. According to a source to People magazine, “As long as they’re both on the same page with the kids, he’s good and happy for her.” Additionally, the Insider reported a rather wholesome celebrity gossip, that Green himself is happy with his partner saying, “They’re strictly co-parents. He’s got another woman that he’s super into. He’s entirely moved on.”
  3. Tammy Lynn Sytch, the famous WWE Diva, known as ‘Sunny’ was arrested in New Jersey on Thursday. The charges against her are serious including, two charges of illegally possessing a weapon and one for terroristic threats not clear to whom, as reported in the documents obtained by TMZ Sports. Each of the weapon charges can lead up to 3-5 years in prison for her, going up to 6 or 10 years altogether. The charges for terroristic threats alone can add a one-year sentence.
  4. In a new interview with host Pete Holmes, Joe Manganiello said he was offered 100 dollars in a bet to punch Tobey Maguire in the face while filming Spider-Man (2002). Manganiello plays a high school bully, Flash Thompson, in the movie, the first rendition of Spider-man from comic books to movie adaptation by Sam Raimi. “There was a crew guy who came up to me and said, ‘Listen, I’ll give you $100 if you hit him in the face by accident’ And he told me and some of the other guys are in on it. I looked over, and there is an electrician plugging something in, and he just looked up to me and gave me that look.” Manganiello did not go through with it in the end to shield his career.