Have you ever pondered over whether you can eat at fast-food chains and still stay healthy? Maybe even lose a pound or two? Sounds ludicrous but we have 10 of the most affordable dietician-approved ordering hacks to do just that.

1 – First, we have Wendy’s wide range of salad options suggested by diet specialist Gorin, specifically the apple pecan chicken salad in half size. She states it will keep you full with 24g of protein.

2 – Next, we have the Angus Steak Entree Bowl – that’s a mouth full. Gorin suggests that this perfectly balanced meal is great for health and nourishment.

3 – For a healthy family option, Domino’s crunchy thin pizza with chassis garden salad & ken’s lite balsamic is on top. The 14-inch crunchy thin pizza will take out 60 calories per slice.

4 – According to Gorin, Mcdonald’s sausage burrito will keep you fuelled for hours. With only 310 calories, you can even afford to add a side of their nutritional apple slices. 

5 – Next up is Burger King. The Whopper Jr. burger and garden side salad sprinkled with half a pack of ken’s lite honey balsamic vinaigrette is the perfect low-carb repast.

6 – At Subway, opt for the six-inch oven-heated turkey breast – filled with spinach and other vegetables, topped off with cheese and guacamole, along with applesauce.

7 – The protein boxes at Starbucks are a hit. The Prosnax Green Apple Snack Box comprises eggs, light cheddar cheese, cashews, and plentiful vegetarian protein with only 250 mg of Sodium.

8 – It doesn’t end here; Chick-fil-A’s Spicy Southwest Salad with grilled filet is another excellent choice. Just the word grill signifies the healthy aspect of it: landing you at just 450 calories and 35 grams of protein.

9 – Dunkin’s coupling of Veggie Egg white with semi-skim milk cappuccino is delicious. Both items in the pair: egg white with white cheddar and cappuccino provide extra proteins.

10 – Lastly, Gorin labels Taco Bell’s veggie power menu bowl as her personal favorite. It helps avoid calories by abstaining from sour cream and adding tomatoes respectively-totaling up to 120 calories.