Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell is once again in the news for blocking the $2000 stimulus checks matter in the Senate. He was trading difficult language with Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on the floor.

McConnell does not want to become a part of socialism for rich people. Therefore, he is not going to take up the $2000 stimulus checks matter to the Senate for approval after the House voted for it.

He believes that many people are still working and therefore, $600 will be enough for many households. He thinks that the upper-middle class had their jobs, and they do not require any further financial aid.

Some people need more help than the upper-middle class and the rich class. McConnell was critical of the Speaker of the House as he termed the stimulus checks bills as socialism for rich people.

It was difficult to understand that initially, the public opposing the $2000 stimulus checks idea put forward by President Trump. But now they want the Senate to look into this matter.

This development, according to the Democrats, is difficult to apprehend at the moment. Bernie Sanders has endorsed the idea of Trump for increasing the amount in checks while still pushing Trump to sign the bill at the earliest.

Trump floated his idea of $2000 stimulus checks for the people when he was pressured to sign the relief package in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi was the one who urged the House to vote on this matter while urging McConnell to take this matter to Senate.

McConnell wants this debate to end once and for all. It is reported that this action is underway, and the Senate will be taking its cloture vote.

McConnell has been working to make sure that Senate does not pass the $2000 stimulus checks. He believes that the $600 checks will do for the moment and there is no need to increase this amount to strain the economy.