Republicans bashed Homeland security secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for defending the plans of the administration to lift the controversial pandemic-era border policy from Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortic on Wednesday, which the Homeland secretary committee named ‘earth shaking’.

Republicans criticized the border handling policies of the secretary, leading to the demands for the secretary’s resignation.

Ortiz- the main witness of the McAllen hearing, Texas also had encouraged the secretary’s administration for a range of issues.

Ortiz told the advisers that President Biden’s call for building a wall on borders is unagreeable. This is proposed as the call is holding agents from performing their work. Agents were also accused of whipping Haitian migrants.

Contradict to Ortiz’s statement, lawmakers have pulled out from the statement that the US is losing operational control over its borders.

“In five of those nine southwest border sectors, we have seen an increase in flow and that has caused a considerable strain on our resources and really has forced the Border Patrol to move so agents and even migrants to some of the other areas,” he said in response to a question about the border being secure.

Chairman Mark Green described as ‘huge statements’ to these takeaways in an interview with Fox news.

“I knew that he was the kind of guy who would shoot straight and be honest. And we prepared, so we did our homework and we were prepared. I think you put the two together, and you got what we got, which is some pretty earth-shattering stuff,” he said.

As the border problems are still in the heat, the end to Title 42 expulsion within two weeks from now, the chairman said that they are eyeing the testimony after the hearing being conducted on Wednesday. He is sure that the committee will have loads of questions for the Homeland Secretary Chief.

“I think we want to talk to all the sector chiefs, but certainly the five that are struggling with the overflow right now and get their perspectives,” he said. “And then at some point, Secretary Mayorkas is going to have to come and answer the question, did he lie to Congress or is he just ignorant about the definition in the code on what defines operational security?”

“Chief Ortiz is to be commended for walking a fine line, as one of my other colleagues said, of being respectful of the political hierarchy, but also telling the truth and saying enough is enough,” he said.

It was about time,” he said.”I’m grateful that somebody had the courage, to tell the truth

With a detailed conversation in the interview, Green proposed multiple arguments. Republicans are intended to pass and rule in the legislation to help mend the border crisis. The approaching looming day of the Title24 policy brings an urgency towards proposing the legislation.

“We’re going to be deluged. We’re already deluged. But we get Title 42 gone and the floodgates open. So we have to get this fixed and hopefully what we pass in the House will be passed in the Senate and go to the president,” he said. “But if not, then we’ll start doing, you know, small pieces to get something done. But it’s ridiculous to think that Title 42 going away isn’t going to result in a massive, just massive increase.”