One day after the success of Monday night football of Brett Favre right after the death of his father, Brian Urlacher made the comparison of that to NBA players boycotting Playoff games on his Instagram to which Matt Forte reacted.

He reacted that Brian Urlacher’s reaction was insensitive and ignorant as his comment screamed about his entitlement. Matt Forte reacted on his Twitter account, by specifically tagging Brian’s username.

He further added that Brian needs to recognize bigotry, discrimination, and racism but prefers to defend it. He said that Brian’s comments lacked empathy, coherence, and compassion.

Also, stated that Brian seemed so engrossed by his wealth that he fails to realize the emotions of people below than him, or at all.

He also started the hashtag ‘#ByAllMeansNecessary’, further emphasizing ending racism and injustice.

The post generated a heated social media dispute with some supporters of the Bears asking for Urlacher to be criticized and canceled whilst others thanked and praised him for expressing his views.

The Bears released a declaration on Thursday night which distanced themselves from the Hall of Fame.

His children had to watch, reportedly, when Jacob Blake was hit around seven times on his back by police officers because of that the squad postponed practice.