Several houseboats were destroyed when a fire broke out at Lake Patoka, Hoosier Hills in Dubois County on Friday. The authorities claim that an investigation into the matter will be conducted, once the situation in the area gets better.

In the wake of this incident, 11 boats were burnt to ashes, while 20 other boats were damaged. It was one of the deadliest destructions caused by fire.

The Dubois County Dispatch, fire crews were dispatched to the area at around 9:00 am. They discovered several houseboats engulfed in flames.

The fire crew has yet not given any go-ahead for anyone to be in the area as the fire hazard remains. The officials have directed other people to keep away from the site.

No one was injured in this fire as the boats were evacuated immediately. DNR also posted a video depicting a massive fire.

It took more than 4 hours to extinguish the fire. There were three fire departments at work.

Some of the boat owners have not yet been informed and the contact is being established with them.

The investigation will be carried out once the area is declared safe by the firefighters.