When it comes to the coronavirus restrictions, different theories revolve around it and people choose to believe either of them. Rand Paul thinks that wearing masks and following other coronavirus restrictions are a form of submission.

He has raised this point in an exclusive interview where he raised several questions about the coronavirus restrictions. He believes that these restrictions are nothing but a hoax to keep the people from submitting.

Rand Paul specifically pointed fingers towards Dr. Anthony Fauci for letting people believe in false information. He mentioned that he has already indicated the fact that schools are not a threat when it comes to the surge of cases.

It was to the surprise of many people as Dr. Fauci submitted to this fact about schools. This raises many questions about all the restrictions being implemented on the people regarding coronavirus.

Amidst the increasing cases of coronavirus in the United States, this statement from Paul is raising questions. He has questioned the fact that why the restaurants are forced to close their dine-in.

He has also questioned the evidence showing that these restrictions are useful. He believes that this is putting more burdens on the people, especially the small businesses as they are closed down.

Around 12 million American citizens are about to lose their benefits by the end of December. And all the government can think of is to impose a new lockdown strategy to keep the citizens inside their homes.

It is not difficult for people to understand that they are being forced to submit their will to the government. The government is in a way asking people to give up their freedom by using coronavirus as their shield.

If this kind of allegation towards the government and other organizations is true at any level, it is disturbing. People should know their basic rights and understand their freedom, otherwise, it will be snatched from them.

People are being asked to give up their education degrees, their Holidays, and even their wedding functions. It is devastating for the people to understand that they are being banned from enjoying little things in their lives.

Another fact to understand about the masks is that the cloth masks practically do nothing. When it comes to the N-95 masks, they are effective when it comes to coronavirus prevention, but all others are useless.