Eternals – Marvel’s latest Cinematic Universe movie is all set to release this Friday and the anticipation has just skyrocketed.

This will be the 26th installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will be setting new milestones in so many ways.

Eternals is one of the most diverse projections of superheroes to date. For starters, the immortals protecting the planet earth are led by a Latina woman; played by the gorgeous Salma Hayek. All the superheroes in Eternals are unique in their special way.

The cast is made up of color races which include Kumail Nanjiani, Gemma Chan, Brian Tyree Henry, Don Lee, and Lauren Ridloff.

Ridloff plays the role of Makkari; who is supposedly the first-ever superhero who is deaf whereas Brian Tyree Henry plays the role of Phastos; the first superhero coming from same-sex marriage.

The co-writer of the script and the director Chloe Zhao stated “I’ll give that credit to marvel because when I arrived, the treatment that they had worked out was filled with these changes [to comic book source material] and firsts that you know about.”

She further stated “And that really was also a big part of what drew me to it. My job is to make sure these moments aren’t just onscreen for the sake of being onscreen, but still felt very emotional and human.”

Salma Hayek is very emotional and eagerly waiting for the movie to be released as she is leading the pack of immortals.

Angelina Jolie makes her debut as a superhero from the movie Eternals by playing the role of emotionally rendered Thena.

“It makes us stronger, diversity makes you stronger,” “So I love our Eternals family. We are strong because of the diversity.”

Eternals is garnering attention in all positive directions. People are praising it for its multi-racial cast as well as for the intricately designed superhero suits.

Eternals are all set to be played near a cinema near you this Friday. Let’s see if it lives up to the expectations or drowns in the sea!