Martha De Laurentiis, the producer who gave us masterpieces like Red Dragon and Hannibal, died on Sunday after battling brain cancer. She was 67 years old.

Martha De Laurentiis was the wife of late producer Dino De Laurentiis. The couple had two daughters; Dina De Laurentiis and Carolyna De Laurentiis.

Dina De Laurentiis shared the news of her mother’s demise.

“My mother was both a warm, generous, optimistic soul — my father always referred to her as his ‘sunshine — and a fierce protector,” she said. “A treasured wife, mother, and grandmother and a friend who touched so many, as well as a nurturer — and protector — of creative people on the movies and television she loved. She put family first but got up every morning passionate about building upon my father’s legacy and continuing to forge her own. Her kindness, intelligence, and grace will continue to inspire us.”

Martha de Laurentiis was born on 10th July 1954 as Martha Schumacher in Piqua, Ohio. She was also crowned Junior Miss Ohio in 1972.

Martha along with her husband launched De Laurentiis Co., which produced earth-shattering movies such as Hannibal, The Last Legion, Red Dragon, and Breakdown.

The couple also laid the foundation stone for Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington, North Carolina where they produced some adaptations such as Silver Bullet, Cat’s Eye, Date with an Angel, Maximum Overdrive, and Raw Deal, and Bedroom.

The couple also founded together with the CLA Cinecitta Film Studios in Ouarzazate, Morocco.

Dino de Laurentiis died in 2010 while Martha continued to supervise as the head of the De Laurentiis Co.

She executively produced Hannibal for NBC and was also working on the upcoming remake of Firestarter.

Dr. Randy Sherman, her partner for 10 years is also left behind to mourn her sad demise from the world.