Mark Wahlberg has made a startling new announcement. Popularly known for his chiseled abs and big biceps, the 49-year-old actor has now decided to embark on a different journey. He took to Instagram and wrote about his plans to increase his weight up a notch- almost up to an additional 20 pounds.

Wahlberg’s transformation has been prompted by a new film role that requires him to bid adieu to his ripped physique and take on the world of weights and heavy lifting. He uploaded a small clip of himself in the gym, under which he confirmed that this new look is indeed for a new ‘role.’

Although the details of Mark Wahlberg’s role and movie are unclear, the actor had insinuated at putting on a few kilos to play the role of a fighter-turned priest. “After we do the boxing scenes, I get to put on as much weight as possible over the course of the film,” said Wahlberg during an interview with “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last month.

He surely seems to be dedicated to achieving the target as he posted before and after pictures of his body on Instagram, comparing the difference three weeks of hard-core exercise had made on him. The actor told Kimmel how he had been working with a professional in the field, to add weight healthily.

In addition, Mark Wahlberg also spoke about his life that had encompassed a fixed regimen for as long as he could remember.  He stated how he wanted to have a shot at eating the best of things from bakeries and restaurants, including the special pancakes from Denny’s.  When the actor was asked about his ideal first meal to kick off his weight gain process, he suggested a perfect blend of everything: 20 pieces of chicken nuggets, flaming wings from Kentucky Fried Chicken, and a six-pack beer to top it all off.

At present, Wahlberg isn’t the only renowned celebrity on a mission to add a few pounds.  Will Smith has also shown a drive towards fitness on Instagram, powered by an upcoming YouTube series covering the topics of health, fitness and titled: “Best Shape of My Life.”