A sudden refusal of Mark Meadows to cooperate with the Capitol riot Committee has resulted in the House voting against him and holding Trump’s White House Chief of staff in criminal contempt.

Previously Meadow was cooperating with the Democrat-led, January 6 Committee and he also handed them over thousands of documents and communications. However, his abrupt refusal came in, which led to House votes to convict Mark with criminal contempt charges.

The result from the poll of the House of Representatives concluded with 222 to 208. Most voters who voted in favor of convicting Meadows were from the Democrats. However, Rep. Liz Chesney and Rep. Adam Kinzinger from the Republican side of the Capitol Riot Committee also voted in favor of Mark’s conviction.

This shocking change of side by the Republicans comes in the light of the messages that Meadows received during the attack. As per Rep. Liz Chesney, there was ” no doubt that the White House knew exactly what was happening here at the Capitol.”

Moreover, Meadow also got the text from Trump. Jr on the day of the attack, which read, He has got to condemn this sh*T ASAP. The Capitol police tweet is not enough. “

Another message of Laura I Graham, Fox host, said, “Mark, the president needs to tell people in the capitol to go home, this is hurting all of us. He is destroying his legacy.”

All these messages by different people represent that the White House knew exactly what was happening but it remained silent.

As of now, the house of representatives has given their answer about what must be Mark Meadows’ future. Now, it all depends on Merrick Garland, the Attorney General as to whether he will decide to proceed with the charges like he charged Steve Bannon, Trump’s adviser.

If Merik does decide to go after Meadows and if he is swift enough just the way he was in Bannon’s case, Mark might be indicted before February.