Mark Levin is an American author and radio host. He is the presenter of his radio program called The Mark Levin Program, as well as a show called Life, Liberty & Levin which is shown on Fox News.

In the podcast, Levin started by saying that when he thinks of Donald Trump, he considers him as a strong man who stood rooted despite the attacks upon him and faced them, and further worked for the country.

In his interview, he started by saying that the president of the United States has done more for the country than any other president. According to him, Barack Obama has to be the most corrupt president to ever exist in modern history. It was the FBI (controlled by Obama) which spied upon the campaign of Trump and on Carter Paige and went after Michael Flynn. They had exculpatory information about Michael Flynn and lied to FISA Court. Moreover, it was Obama’s FBI which has conspired the 25th amendment against the president of the United States.

He further highlighted that Obama being the most corrupt president of modern history, the country also had the most corrupt media channels as Democrats had affiliations with the channels and polluted the flow of information through media channels. Administers of Clinton and Obama are also the journalists in the media, which creates further biases.

He further questions Biden and challenges him to have a question and answer session with the public of at least 30 to 40 minutes like the 90-minute session Trump holds and give clearance regarding the sexual assault and rape claims he has against him. Levin stated that despite the claims, the press will defend them because of their corrupt political affiliations.

Levin further targeted Cuomo for mishandling the situation of coronavirus as he sent the people with positive COVID results to nursing homes. He calls Cuomo ‘stupid’ for taking people out of hospitals and putting them in nursing homes where the place lacks the facilities to deal with coronavirus.