Recently elected Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene posted on social media and complaint about the restrictions and lockdowns due to covid-19. According to the newly elected congresswoman, she used to work out every day at the gym and she could not do so due to the recent restrictions.

According to the Republicans, the restrictions were very firm. She blamed the Democrats for such kind of restrictions and called it an act of tyranny. She posted a video on Twitter complaining that she could not do her high-intensity cardio workouts at the gym and instead had to do them at the hotel due to the closure of many gyms.

She further wrote that the country was not fully open and many businesses were shut due to the Democratic government and their strict control. It is quite an exaggeration by the Republicans as many businesses have already opened in D.C. Even shops, hotels, restaurants, and malls have opened after their assurance of following the SOP’s and operating in a cut back capacity.

At the same time, gyms and fitness centers have also been given the heads up to open their work but with less number of people inside. People will also have to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Due to the rising coronavirus cases in the US, many restrictions were placed but have slowly started to get lifted in several states.

Marjorie has always spoken up against the protocols deemed necessary during the pandemic. She complained that masks were oppressive and grabbed a lot of media attention. She also did not agree with the lockdown. As an elected Congresswoman, she has once again spoken against the wearing of masks as she deems them of no use. She also went on call the mandatory wearing of masks oppressive.