Marjorie Taylor Greene has announced that she will file the articles of impeachment against Joe Biden on his first day in office as the newly elected President of the United States of America. Marjorie a Republican from Georgia, and a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, took to Twitter to announce the first dramatic action against the newly elected president.

Many lawmakers had already predicted that Biden will face a tough time from the elected Republicans in the House.

Marjorie Taylor sported a mask with the words “UNCENSORED” on it, during the vote out for President Donald Trump’s second impeachment in the House. All the House members had their masks on, only after 3 Congressmen had tested positive for COVID-19, last week soon after the Capitol Building Siege.

According to the sources, Greene plans to re-ignite the Ukraine power scandal that surfaced in 2016, in which President-elect Joe Biden and his son were claimed to be involved.  Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden had served as a member of the board for Burisma holdings; a natural gas giant in Ukraine.

Even though both father and son came out clean of all the allegations against them, and no corruption charges or any sort of wrongdoings were found; Greene still plans to highlight the issue again.

It is not a coincidence that the announcement from Marjorie Taylor Greene came just hours after the vote out in favor of the article of impeachment.

Marjorie is being supported by many like-minded Republicans and plans to file the article of impeachment on the basis of abusing power and giving leverages to Ukrainian and Chinese energy companies, at the cost of the dwindling US economy.