Chants echo around the empty stands as Bayern Munich wins over Werder Bremen, pulling off its 8th consecutive Bundesliga title.

The unusual season was an amazing one for the players of Bayern, at the end of which, they lifted The Meisterschale trophy after outperforming their opponents. The team spirit seemed to be back and the players were more motivated than ever as they celebrated their victory on Tuesday.

The team was unstoppable throughout the season and Robert Lewandowski’s goal gave Bayern a 10 points cushion over Borussia Dortmund.

Bundesliga is the first major European League to return after a 10-week long corona break. The winning comes with no surprise and the team managed to keep the Bundesliga title streak.

This season was unlike any other. The captain, Manuel Neuer, described his experience and how his and everyone’s lives changed due to the pandemic. He shared how the team’s life was only limited to the stadium and the training ground.

While talking to the media, he mentioned how the team has to follow strict social distancing guidelines on planes and buses. Even while eating, they must sit apart and take their masks off only when the food arrives.

Neuer being a professional understands the importance of discipline in life. He believes that since his team has been lucky to be one of the first ones to return to the field, an example must be set for the rest of the teams by taking necessary precautions.

This would also send a message of hope to the players, as well as an assurance to their families who are concerned regarding the risks the players face as they return to the field.

Accepting reality and focusing on the good would certainly help in coping with the situation. For example, in the absence of a crowd, the team members can easily communicate with each other, and as a result, while playing this helped them understand each other better.

The captain explained how the team does not wish to put theirs or their families’ lives at risk just to fulfil their desires to play the game again. This is in fact, an informed decision taken while considering the livelihoods that are dependent on these matches. Therefore, with a cautious and responsible attitude, the games as well as these jobs can be kept secure.

Despite current circumstances, Bayern is highly motivated as he looks forward to The Champions League. According to Neuer, the team is capable of performing under pressure, the proof of which is their victory against Chelsea with a 3-0 – this is what sets them apart from the other teams.

Bayern has eyes for bigger leagues as the players are pumped. The captain says that these are hard times but the team is looking forward to the matches with great enthusiasm.