Manhattan District Attorney’s Office investigating Jeffery Epstein’s Bestfriend Leon Black on charges of rape and sexual assault

Former Apollo Global Management CEO and Jeffery Epstein’s alleged ‘best friend’, Leon Black is under investigation currently, on charges of rape and sexual assault. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office is considering a case against the billionaire investor based on the accusation and evidence provided by 2 former models in court.

The billionaire Leon Black was recently spotted attending the annual conference at the Beverly Hilton with an otherwise esteemed guest list, including Questlove, Uma Thurman, Steven Mnuchin, hosted by Michael Milken. His first semi-public appearance since the accusation and reports regarding the investigation underway.

Leon Black‘s estate and his spokesperson have refused to accept or acknowledge the accusation as legitimate, calling it “complete fiction”.

“We have no knowledge of any investigation of Mr. Black. As we have previously stated, Mr. Black has provided substantial documentary evidence in legal filings, including text messages and recordings, that show Ms. Ganieva’s claims to be completely false. In addition, we have been in contact with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and provided detailed evidence of Ms. Ganieva’s extortion of Mr. Black.” said Leon Black’s spokesperson.

One of the two women who have filed the lawsuit is Guzel Ganieva while the other woman goes by the name Jane Doe, in the filed court documents. There have been no personal statements by them yet, but Ganieva’s lawyer in response to Black’s spokesperson only said, “We believe in our clients and seek to hold Black accountable.”

Leon Black resigned as the CEO and chairman of the Apollo Management in January, due to an investigation assigned by the Apollo board, in which it was discovered that paid Epstein $158 million in “tax advice” and “estate planning” fee, which many Wall Street analysts thought was a ridiculously high amount for the said services.

“I was completely unaware of Mr. Epstein’s abhorrent misconduct that came to light in late 2018. I did not engage in any wrongdoing or inappropriate conduct.” Responded Leon Black with regards to the investigation in his own firm.

As of yet, the case has been filed and further information would be revealed regarding the high-profile case soon.