According to authorities, the decomposing corpse found put inside a barrel in a Nevada lake on Sunday is likely to be that of a murder victim who may have been murdered over five decades ago. The body was discovered by chance in Lake Mead.

According to authorities, the person, who was thought to be a male, had been shot and was dressed in clothing and shoes that belonged to the mid-to-late 1970s, according to KLAS-TV, which reported the incident.

When asked about the victim’s clothing, Ray Spencer, Metro police homicide Lt, stated that it was marketed at Kmart in that particular era.

Boaters on Lake Mead discovered the skeleton remains in an eroding container that looked to be trapped in the muck at a boat ramp which has been extended by half a mile in recent decades as a result of severe drought lowering water levels, according to KLAS-TV in Las Vegas.

According to the story, investigators think the corpse dates back to the mid-70s or early 1980s, stating that the beach where it was located would have been several hundred feet underwater at the time.

Medical examiners in Clark County, Nevada, were attempting to identify the remains while police in the Las Vegas region were allegedly deluged with information.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lake Mead is the biggest reservoir in the United States, supplying water to around 25 million people. It was created by the construction of Hoover Dam on the Colorado River.