Is Jeffree Star behind the divorce of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? The rumor started on TikTok, which spread like wildfire and became one of the most trending topics even amidst the news of the Capitol Building siege.

It all started when an influencer hinted about an alleged affair between Kanye West and a male makeup guru. Though she didn’t take any name, soon it was all over the internet and Jeffree seemed to be enjoying all the attention and played along and gave fuel to the rumors.

As the story was still trending, Jeffree deleted his previous tweet of 2011 in which he had thanked Kanye for a fulfilled night. Rumour mongers started putting 2+2 and new theories started emerging on different social platforms.

One of them was how both Jeffree and Kanye are living in the state of Wyoming. It is a fact that they are living in the same state, but both live 200 miles apart.

The makeup mogul continued to play along with the rumor and posted a picture of himself captioned as ready for Sunday service and shared the same on Twitter as well. This was a meager reference to West’s musical ministry services he holds on Sundays.

There was complete silence from both Kardashian and West. Moreover, the new made-up stories continued to blaze the internet all day till Jeffree Star finally came out in a vlog and dismissed all these rumors stating it as the most bizarre thing he has heard in years. He exclaimed that he is absolutely single and a romantic linkup with Kanye West got him dumbfounded.