It was recently revealed by Madonna that she has also fallen victim to the ongoing pandemic and tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies.

In her Instagram posts, the 61-year-old singer revealed that she is posting videos of herself. Madonna informs her fans in her recent Instagram post titled “Quarantine Diary #14,” that she got tested the second day and was found positive for COVID-19.

She said that she went on a long drive while rolling down the window to breathe in the air containing COVID-19.

The “Like a Virgin” singer has found some consolation and relief in sharing her COVID-19 updates with her fans while using the hashtags such as #stayhome #staysane.

Madonna further added some hopeful comments that tomorrow is a new day and she going to wake up and feel otherwise. She also mentioned that she is hopeful about the next day.

It’s unknown whether positive tests for coronavirus antibodies will give any immunity from infection again, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The pop icon announced last month that, within 24 hours of her findings, she lost three friends, including her cousin, brother of her guard, and Orlando Puerto, music manager, working on multiple of Madonna’s singles.

Madonna has recently confirmed that she is partnering with Bill and Melinda Gates to find a solution for COVID-19.