This week in a Juneteenth op-ed, Singer Macy Gray has claimed that the American flag is tattered, out of date, divisive, and wrong.

However, the article, which was released Thursday by MarketWatch, drew immediate criticism from a number of notable conservatives.

The five-time Grammy candidate’s piece was published on the same day that President Biden signed legislation designating Juneteenth as a federal holiday honouring the end of slavery in the 1860s.

Macy Gray said that Old Glory has superseded the Confederate flag, suggesting that it is a sign of racism.

Gray stated that the flag no longer reflects ALL of us and it is unjust to be compelled to respect it. She said that it is time to replace the flag.

Macy Gray continued by stating that a new flag should contain 52 stars, with the additional pair symbolizing Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico.

She argued that both the US jurisdiction in the Caribbean and the country’s capital city merited statehood and also that the flag’s purported purity and innocence are a misconception.

She wrote that America is a wonderful country. She further stated that it is lovely. It is not pure. It is shattered and fragmented.

She proposed that the stripes be off-white and the stars be the colors of EVERYONE — the different skin tones.

Natalie Renee McIntyre, 53, of Ohio, said that she thinks America represents the blue “vigilance and persistence” and red “valour” that she would retain.

The vocalist of “I Try” stated that the present 50-star flag was created in the late 1950s by a high schooler, just before Alaska and Hawaii became states.

Macy Gray said that seventy-two years later, in 2021, we have changed, and the moment has come for a reset, for transformation and one change should be the flag that is representative of all states and of each and every one of us.

Conservatives responded swiftly.

Jenna Ellis, a former Trump administration attorney, wrote that they are pretty proud of that tattered old flag.

Jenna also wrote that Gray had one chart-topping song approximately two decades ago and hasn’t released anything since and now she wants to emerge from the shadows and declare her hatred for the flag.

Macy Gray has been a long-time advocate for progressive issues. She participated in an “I Will Vote” concert to collect funds for Biden before the 2020 election.