Mac Jones becomes only the third quarterback in the history of the NFL to win all of his first five games. The New England Patriots are on a winning streak, as they marked their fifth straight game, stealing the match from the Atlanta Falcons.

Many are calling it “maturation of Mac Jones” as not many are afforded this stage, and not many from those are able to retain it. The Patriots won 25-0 against the Falcons, their first since starting 8-0 in 2019. Dak Prescott and Ben Roethlisberger were the only two to come before Jones, with the 5-0 record in their first five games on the road.

“It was a good team win and the defense stepped up and played really well. The goal is to score one more point than the other team and we were lucky enough to do that. It’s really hard to win in the NFL and you can’t take anything for granted. You just have to watch the film and get better, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is scoring one more point than the other team.” said Mac Jones.

Another debate going on is whether a good quarterback matters more than a good franchise, as analysts compare previous franchises that ruined good quarterbacks and vice versa. Everything current however seems to be in the Patriot’s favor with Mac Jones. Head coach Bill Belichick has different, more critical remarks for the rookie quarterback, as his offense only resulted in one touchdown.

“We had plenty of good plays, we just, we didn’t get enough points cause we had too many drive-stopping plays. You gotta avoid those plays in order to score in this league, we just didn’t do a good enough job of it tonight.” said Bill Belichick regarding Mac Jones‘ play, adding, “I don’t think there were a lot bad plays out there, we just had too many negative plays that killed drives.”

The Patriots are 7-4 in their overall score, before heading into their upcoming games. Their next match is against the Tennessee Titans on November 28, followed by a match on December 7, against Buffalo Bills.