Dan Patrick, the lieutenant governor of Texas, has offered one million dollars to anyone who comes forward with the evidence of voter fraud.

According to ABC13, he stated that he is supporting Donald Trump in his allegations of voter fraud because he believes the president wants to ensure that only legal votes are counted and the illegal ones are eliminated.

He proceeds to claim that the delays in counting mail-in ballots are highly suspicious and might be evidence for voter fraud.

Patrick will be giving out $25,000 to each person who comes forward with evidence or information that could result in an arrest or conviction. He will be funding this offer with his campaign money.

Even though the Trump campaign is consistently propagating these allegations and filing lawsuits, no evidence has come to light as of yet in any of the states including Texas.

Patrick provided no evidence in his press release either besides an incident in which a social worker at a care home tried to register several of its residents to vote without asking for their permission. He was arrested for this.

The lieutenant governor of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman responded to Patrick’s offer, ridiculing him in a tweet. He remarks that he knows someone in Pennsylvania who was arrested for trying to get his deceased mother to vote for Donald Trump.

He also continues to mock Patrick, saying that he would like his one million dollars in the form of gift cards to Sheetz, which is a famous convenience store in his state. He proceeded to take a shot at the Dallas Cowboys who lost a match to the Philadelphia Eagles recently.

A spokesperson for the Texas Democratic Party also commented on the matter saying that people like Patrick only want to invalidate votes to appease their Trump voter base.

Patrick also made national news earlier this year as well, when he insisted that the economy should continue running amidst the pandemic. He commented that seniors would rather choose death by the hands of the pandemic rather than letting the infection harm their economy.

He believes that senior citizens should surrender their survival for the country and to allow their children and their grandchildren to live in an America with a great economy. Texas was the first state in the United States to exceed more than 1 million coronavirus cases.