Things on Love Island are changing now. The Casa Amor turns this season, to measure the compatibility of couples’ and intensity of friendships.

Many of the people who skipped one of the biggest Reality TV shows twist, it might shock you but the couples that were initially made without any notice, have now been split and paired with different individuals, in an attempt to test their loyalty and commitment.

This Sunday, the most critical reassembly began, where the women back in the villa had to decide whether to stay with their originally paired guy or choose a new one. This act will challenge their commitment.

After they have selected, their mate will walk away, showing if they stayed with them or not, or partnered up with another girl at Casa Amor.

Everyone was in for some drama and surprises. However, the rearrangement had turned things around for all of the participants in the show.

To give an overview, this is how the rearrangements were finalized, Moira being the first person to make this decision had to choose between her original companion, Calvin, and the other person was Aaron. Moira decided on leaving her original partner and aligning with Aaron.

This pairing was expected to stir up some drama, however, when it was the guy’s turn to make the decision, Calvin also walked out with Sher, whom he claims to feel connected to in the past few days. This seemed like good news since everyone got what they wanted but Moira felt cheated despite doing the same thing with Calvin.

According to America’s votes, the well-matched couple was Caleb and Justine. Turns out this theory of the audience was proved correct. Both of the individuals decided to stick with each other instead of pairing up with someone new.