LOS ANGELES – Louisiana state authorities lifted a three hour shelter-in-place order after a ‘fire and subsequent chlorine spill’ at a Chemical facility endangered several lives, early reports on the situation updated.

“Louisiana: Shelter-in-place order lifted for Iberville residents after Dow Chemical plant fire, chlorine spill,” Fox News Tweeted.

The fire was put out shortly after a chlorine spill occurred from a third party occupant at the Dow Chemical facility, Said an official from the sheriff’s office of Iberville parish.

A representative from the Sheriff’s office further stated that they are still figuring out the number of casualties due to the incident.

The fire erupted on Monday at around 8:40 pm, prompting a shelter-in-place order for the nearby residents, said Iberville Parish, Sheriff Brett Stassi.

“Residents in the parish of Iberville, Louisiana, were instructed to shelter in place following a fire and a chlorine spill at a Dow Chemical plant Monday evening. The order was lifted early Tuesday…” a source Tweeted.

However, 5 hours later, around midnight, the order was lifted.

‘Almost simultaneously, a chlorine spill was reported’ Daily Mail reported. Emergency sirens were rung in the area to warn everyone in the vicinity of the danger, Stassi said.

‘We continue to monitor the air quality of the area,’ said an official by telephone. Olic Corp did not immediately respond to the comment’s request.

Meanwhile, Parish President Mitch Ourso stated that the residents in the area noticed the chlorine spill smell even several miles from the facility.

“State police have also closed Louisiana Highway 1 in both directions near the plant,” the Department wrote on Twitter.

The shelter-in-place order was issued during the state of emergency. Authorities urged residents to stay in their homes unless there was an emergency.

According to Stassi, the chlorine levels outside the facility cannot be considered dangerous as it was not of extreme level. Hence, the nearby residents were not asked to evacuate the area.

However, local highways were shut down from both ends near the scene.