Dallas – the storm that caused widespread damage and some injuries in Texas is now headed towards Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana on Tuesday – likely to cause “a regional severe weather outbreak,” according to the Storm Prediction Center.

“Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama warned of severe weather as storm system approaches, forecasters say,” NBC Tweeted.

The possible target areas, including Mississippi, Baton Rouge and Jackson, might see strong tornadoes, say weather forecasters.

“Multiple tornadoes ripped through parts of Texas and Oklahoma, causing injuries and widespread damage in areas near Austin and Dallas, officials said. The storm system was poised to move into Louisiana and Mississippi, carrying the risk of tornadoes,” AP News Tweeted.

Louisiana state and federal authorities warned several hurricane survivors residing in recreational vehicle trailers and government granted mobile homes of the upcoming storm and asked them to have a safe evacuation plan as their mobile living structures are especially vulnerable to the expected weather.

8000 plus people are currently living in such temporary homes, said Bob Howard, a representative for an information center for the Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness, on Monday.

In a recent joint statement, the authorities said the forecasted floods could cause ‘the most damage’.

“Repeated bouts of heavy rainfall can occur over the same areas, increasing the risk for flooding,” reads the statement  “Move to higher ground if you hear of flood warnings.”

1800 displaced households who lost their homes due to Hurricanes in 2020 are still unable to go back to their homes because of the damage, revealed a news outlet last week.

“Another 1,600 trailers were deployed for Hurricane Ida’s displaced households,” said Howard. Louisiana has released 4,400 or more RV trailers for Ida’s affected under a test program by FEMA.

People living in the state’s provided residencies must keep their phones fully charged all the time with high phone volume and weather alerts enabled, said the agencies. “The danger is expected to be highest at night.”

The emergency announcement release further noted that the RV trailers and mobile homes are government provided and cannot be moved.

The storm that is now headed to Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana has already caused destruction in Texas, injuring 4 people, said the officials.