WILLOWBROOK, California – Two people were killed, and five were injured in a shooting that occurred over the weekend near Los Angeles, the injured ones were hospitalized, reported the Southern California authorities.

“Two people were killed and 5 were wounded in a weekend shooting 10 miles south of downtown Los Angeles,” NBC News Tweeted.

On Sunday at 4:00 pm gunfire erupted in a residential area near the Willowbrook community which is almost 16 kilometers from south of Los Angeles downtown, said the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

“The gunfire erupted at about 4 p.m. Sunday on a residential block in the community of Willowbrook,” a source informed via Twitter.

The shooting killed a 17-year-old boy right on the spot, said officials. In further detail, Sheriff’s Lt. Vincent Ursini revealed that the young boy was fatally shot in the upper body. The victims’ names were not released immediately.

“Authorities say two people including a 17-year-old boy were killed and five others were hospitalized after a weekend shooting near Los Angeles,” 23ABC News wrote on Twitter.

The Los Angeles police department has not made any arrests yet nor described what the suspects looked like.

On the other, four other victims who got wounded due to the shooting were immediately driven to a nearby hospital. One was in a serious condition, while the rest three suffered minor injuries, said the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

Hours after the shooting, the investigators learned that the woman who got shot during the shooting drove herself to the facility in a wounded condition, reported the ABC 7 television newscast.

Detectives are currently figuring out what led to the shooting. According to their statement, they found two cars in the area where the incident took place, and the gunshots rang out from inside those vehicles, reported ABC 7 News.