A burned human body was found hanging from a tree in Griffith Park in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon, according to the authorities who responded to the scene.

At around 12:30 p.m., a park visitor was strolling northeast of Griffith Observatory, not far from the Los Angeles Zoo, when they observed a tree on fire with a human corpse at the core of it, according to the police.

According to NBC Los Angeles, by the time emergency personnel such as police officers and firemen got to the location, the individual who was found hanging from a tree had already passed away.

A passerby reported the terrible discovery to park officials, who then called the police in response to the information they received.

The victim has not been recognized as of the morning of Wednesday, however, a spokesman for the Los Angeles Fire Department named Margaret Stewart informed the Los Angeles Daily News that the corpse belonged to a lady.

According to the reporting of the Los Angeles Times, the authorities have said that they suspect the victim was someone who was a frequent visitor to the park and was probably a transient person.

The police have said that they have found no evidence of foul play and that they are treating the occurrence as a possible suicide.

“It appears to be self-immolation,” Michael Ventura, LAPD detective, told the station ABC7. “This is going to be somebody who brought some gasoline, brought some lighters. We have had.. they are rare, but we do have cases where people will self-immolate.” An inquiry will be carried out by a coroner in order to ascertain the precise cause of death as well as the way in which it occurred.