The Lorde of the wings is BACK!

Two-time Grammy award winner and a teen prodigy Lorde comes out of her hiatus of four years with her new album “Solar Power”, and the fans cannot get enough of it because – it’s different!

It is different from her previous work as she tried to promote her new album stating

“it’s such a different mode for me, coming from being at home to wearing makeup all the time and being on camera. But I’m enjoying myself. Full pop-star mode has been activated.”

“Solar Power” is the third album from the singer, her previous album “Melodrama” won her a Grammy nominee for album of the year.

After producing pulsating pop songs and teenage revolutionary tracks, this album offers soft, subtle, and mellow tracks. She has collaborated with Du jour Jack Antonoff and has clearly stated that this album is highly influenced by the classic rock greats such as The Mamas & The Papas, The Eagles, and the very lovely Natasha Beddingfield along with All Saints and TLC.

Lorde confessed that at 24, she has started to position her thoughts differently. She admitted that

“I was tired after melodrama, it was a very intense album and I felt I’d given it my all. I needed to just go and slow down at home, and I very much did that.”

She found refuge in the work of the musicians she had been inspired by after the exhausting tours and schedules back in 2018 and just enjoyed their music which was “so shiny and so outdoors.”

Lorde stated that this album “Solar power” is what she is at the age of 24. She wrote the songs, cooked, walked, spent time with friends and families, and reconnected with life. She even took a hiatus from social media and blocked google from her phone to work in peace and present something to the world that holds meaning to her.

Solar Power has yet to make a mark in the music industry as of now, it is receiving mixed reviews but Lorde’s comeback has been welcomed by all sectors of the music industry!