Being a loyal Snapchat-ter, has it ever come to your mind who has the longest Snapchat streak ever? It’s a million-dollar question that pops into every user’s mind despite not being a regular user.

Snapchat is a popular app, especially among millennials. It is the pioneer of the story feature, which was later adopted by Instagram and then Facebook. Yet some of the features of this app are unbeatable, like Snapchat streaks.

Snapchat allows users to maintain streaks with their family and friends to fortify their connection and up their Snap score. This brings us to the most asked question, ‘what is the longest Snapchat streak ever’ or ‘who has the longest Snapchat streak in the world.’

This guide will reveal the names who have successfully maintained the longest streaks on Snapchat ever. Also, we will provide you with ways to keep the longest streak with other users so that your name can also be on the list.

About Snapchat Streak

If you are new to Snapchat, you must have heard people talking about Snap streaks. It is just one of the many features of Snapchat that allows you to exchange pictures/snaps with other users to build a co-score with them. Still not clear? Here is an example:

Suppose you made a Snapchat account, added friends, and exchanged snaps with them for 3 days consistently. After three days exactly, you will find a number beside your friend’s name in the chat section. That number indicates a Snapchat streak.

The more you send and receive snaps, the greater the number of your streaks will be. So that’s how Snapchat streaks work.

Longest Snapchat streaks

Now that you have full knowledge of Snapchat streaks, let’s hop on to the next part, which is about the longest Snapchat streaks ever.

We have gathered Snapchat streak scores from different users around the globe and shortlisted the top 10s that have the highest streaks up until now.

Also, note that these streak scores have been officially submitted by the users and are 100% genuine.

You can also participate in the competition by submitting your Snapchat streak score to us in the comments section to get your name on our list.

Longest Snapchat streak ever – 4th quarter 2022

Selecting a winner for the highest Snapchat streak is as complex as selecting the winner for the highest Snap score. Every minute, somebody surpasses others, and it goes on and on.

That said, we have still managed to gather the top 10 Snapchat streak winners for this guide for the year 2022.

10 Longest Snapchat Streak ever

Note: Before checking these scores, know that you don’t need any score as validation to prove your friendship. It’s just a fun thing to do on the app, it doesn’t mean anything.

The scores we have mentioned below are all authentic. Apart from a few, nobody has shown up to claim their titles. Also, some on this list have broken the previous year’s champion’s score and yet failed to reach the top.

S.NOUser NamesSnapchat Streak ScoreDate
1Hannah Garrett and Lauren Luckey2732+November 2022
2Lisa Glogower and Carol Pappas2695+November 2022
3Sophia & Maddie2397+December 2022
4Mohammed & Ghina2391+November 2022
5Emma & Leah2265+December 2022
6Ethan & Joey2228+November 2022
7Kallen Lewis and Jay Crossland2112December 2022
8Basmah & Hassan1999+December 2022
9Venkatesh and Vani Ghantasala1616+December 2022
10Sophia & Nick1114+December 2022

As shown above, best friends Hannah Garrett and Lauren Luckey have saved the first spot and stole the title of the highest Snapchat streak ever. The second-last time they submitted their Snapchat streak score was in August 2022, with the streak number 2663.

Highest Snapchat streak Ever in 2021

In 2021, Ally Zaino and Kat Bruneau submitted the highest number of streaks, reaching over 2165 streak scores.

Highest Snapchat streak Ever in 2020

In 2020, Patrick and Ryan beat the previous winners by maintaining a Snapchat streak score of 1501.

Snapchat streak Emojis – What do they indicate?

The next part of this guide is about different types of Snapchat streak emojis and their meanings.

You probably have seen unique emojis beside your streak partner’s name that might leave you clueless about what they indicate. Well, every emoji on the snap streak has a different meaning. Also, each emoji indicates your level of friendship with the other person. For instance:

Fire Emoji 🔥

Have you ever noticed that the moment your streak starts on Snapchat; a fire emoji appears beside the person’s name? It indicates the officials beginning of your Snap streak.

That said, the emoji only occurs when a number appears beside your streak partner’s name, and for that number to appear, you have to exchange streaks for at least three days. As long as you continue sending and receiving snaps, the fire emoji won’t disappear.

100 Emoji 💯

If you have never hit 100 on a Snapchat streak, you probably haven’t seen the 💯 emoji. This emoji appears when your Snapchat streak lasts for 100 days. For most, it is the moment of achievement as it takes time and consistency to hit this mark.

Most people screenshot this moment and share it with their friends to brag. The good thing about this emoji is that it doesn’t replace the old fire emoji and appears right beside it.

Hourglass Emoji

We hope you don’t get to see this one, as this one indicates that your Snapchat streak is on the verge of breaking. The hourglass emoji appears when you or the other person doesn’t send a streak in a day.

The moment the hourglass emoji appears, your timeline starts to either revive your streak or break it. The app gives you exactly four hours to revive your streaks, so you have to send a streak within that time window.

Other Snapchat emojis and their meanings

Apart from the above three emojis (which are crucial to understand from the snap streak perspective) there are other emojis on the app that also have meanings unique to them.

Baby👶Appears when you newly made friends with someone
Gold Star🌟Appears when a user replays your snap in the last 24 hours
Yellow Heart💛Appears when you are best friends with a user
Red Heart❤️Appears when you are friends with another user for over 2 straight weeks
Pink Heart💕Appears when you are friends with another user for over 2 straight months
Birthday Cake🎂Appears beside a friend’s name on their birthday 
Smiling Face😊Appears when you are someone’s top best friend
Smiley with Sunglasses😎Appears when a person is also best friends with your best friend
Grimacing Face😬Appears when you and the other user are each other’s top best friends
Smirking Face😏Appears when the other person is your best friend but you are not theirs

Chat Icons and their meanings

Apart from emojis, Snapchat has other icons in the form of arrows and boxes, indicating different meanings. Here is how they are interpreted.

1. Sent Icons

  • Static snap without sound
  • Video snap with sound
  • Chat message sentOpened Icons
  • Friend opened your without-sound static snap
  • Friend opened your video snap
  • Friend read your chat message

2. Opened Icons

  • Friend opened your without-sound static snap
  • Friend opened your video snap
  • Friend read your chat message
  •  An unviewed pending snap or chat

3. Received Icons

  • An unviewed pending snap or chat
  • You received a static snap without sound
  • You receive a video snap with sound
  • You received a chat message

4. Viewed Icons

  • Your static without sound snap has been viewed
  • Your video snap with sound has been viewed
  • Your message has been seen

5. Screen Shot Icons

  • Friend took a screenshot of your static snap
  • Friend took a screenshot of your video snap
  • Friend took a screenshot of your

6. Replay Icons

  • Freind replayed your static snap without sound
  • Friend replayed your video snap with sound

What is Snapchat Streak Recovery?

Due to a bad internet connection or some other reasons, if you lost your longest snap streak, you can revive it back. Fortunately, the Snapchat team is pretty responsive. When a user submits a complaint, the team immediately resolves the issue.

If by any chance you have lost your Snapchat streak, here is how you can get it back.

  • Open Chrome and type Snapchat Support
  • Click the first link on the top
  • Once you arrive at the page, type ‘I’ve lost my Snapchat Streak’ on the search bar and click the search icon
  • In the details, click the ‘let us know’ link
  • Next, check the ‘I’ve lost my Snap streak’ in the given reasons.
  • Now scroll down, provide all the details in the given fields, and click ‘Submit’

Your work is done here. Now you have just to wait until Snapchat works on your query and resolves it. In a day or less, your streaks will be back.

Note: You must submit your issue within 24 hours of losing your streaks. After that, you won’t be able to revive it.

How do you get a streak on Snapchat?

You can start your Snap streak with anyone at any time of the day. All you need to have is a good internet connection and consistency.

You can begin your snap streak with anyone added to your profile. All you need is an active partner who regularly exchanges snap with you.

A few things that you must ensure include:

  • That person should be consistent in sending streaks within 24 hours
  • He/she has a stable internet connection
  • He/she will likely not abandon you in the middle of the snap streak.

For more detailed information on how to get a Snapchat streak, you can check out this video as well.

4 Snapchat Streak Rules

You may be very enthusiastic about starting a Snapchat streak in the beginning, but as time goes down, you feel it more like a responsibility and may want to end it. Know that this time will come around anywhere in the middle, so be prepared.

Also, not every interaction counts as a streak. Snapchat has set some rules for streaks. Here are some Snapchat streak bummers that you must deal with:

  1. Chat: If you send a chat message to your friend instead of a snap, that won’t count as a streak and the same goes for the other person.
  2. Group Chat: If you are thinking of making a group of all the users you have streaks with to send one snap to all to keep the streak going, you better not do that. Snapchat won’t count that as a streak.
  3. Stories: Snapchat stories cannot be counted as a streak. Snapchat clearly states that in order to maintain or get a streak, you must send a snap individually to that person.
  4. Memories: As much as we love this feature of Snapchat that it shares one-year ago memories with you, those old snaps cannot be sent as a streak.

Note: Don’t let the hourglass icon appear on your streak as it means your streak will break if you or the other person won’t send a snap in 4 hours time window.

3 Useful tips to never lose a Snap streak

We have got you three best tips and tricks to stronger your streak game and make it easy for you to continue it till you want.

Snapchat Streak Ideas

Tip 1: Add your Streak partners to ‘Best Friends

You can add all your streak mates to the ‘Best Friends’ section so you can send one snap to all the streak partners individually and easily.

Doing so will also segregate your regular friends you randomly chat with on Snapchat and stay in your recent.

Tip 2: Send a Snap as you wake up

Another way to maintain a streak is by sending a ‘Good Morning’ snap to all the partners as soon as you wake up. This will free your mind for the entire day as you won’t worry about sending a streak in the middle of the day. 

Tip 3: Submit missing streak report for lost streaks

If you mistakenly lose a streak, submit a report using the earlier method to get it back. Fortunately, Snapchat restores all the lost streaks within 24 hours.

In the next part of this guide, we will discuss snap score, what it is and what’s its function.

What is Snap Score

Did you know that there is a score below your Snapchat User name? Like this:

It’s called a snap score. It is an indication of how interactive you have been on Snapchat. Some Snapchat users are crazy about growing this number; hence, they try to be more active on the app.

Note: You can also choose to hide your snap score if you don’t like to be seen by everyone.

What specifically does Snap Score indicate?

  • The number of snaps you have sent and received
  • The number of Discovered videos you have watched
  • The number of friends you have added
  • The number of stories you have viewed

If you want to work on your snap score, focus on these four things and you will see a huge difference in a short time. Moreover, you can send random snaps to your friends for bonus points, maintain streaks with as many people as possible, and send friend requests to add more users.

For more tips on the Snapchat score, you can refer to this dedicated guide on how to up your Snapchat score without opening snaps.

Do you get Trophies for achieving a particular milestone in Snap Score?

Similar to snap streaks, where you get recognition for achieving different milestones, you can also earn trophies for your Snapchat score.

These are the trophies you can aim for:

  • Baby Emojis on scoring 10
  • Glowing Star Emoji on scoring 100
  • Sparkles Emoji on scoring 1,000
  • Star Emoji with a Circled Star on scoring 10,000
  • Explosion Emoji on scoring 50,000
  • Rocket Emoji on scoring 100,000
  • Ghost Emojis on scoring 500,000

What happens after 100 streak on Snapchat?

Reaching a hundred is big on a Snapchat streak. It indicates that you have been exchanging snaps for straight hundred days. And to recognize your efforts, Snapchat puts a 💯 emoji beside that person’s name so you can take a screenshot of it and share it on your Snapchat story or Instagram to boast among your friends.

We hate to break this to you, but if you are seeking any sort of recognition certificate or a trophy from the app, then don’t because you won’t get any.

However, you can break the highest streak record to make your name appear in our guide.

Does Snapchat pay you for streaks?

Many people wonder what’s so unique about Snapchat streaks. Where will you reach or what will you get on achieving the highest streak record? Well, not sure about the streak, but Snapchat claims that if you submit your best video snap through the Snapchat Spotlight tab, you can bag a share of 1 million dollars.

The app owners said in a public statement that they would ‘pay a share of this amount on a daily basis for best-performing video Snaps’

What happens after 1000 streak on Snapchat?

Do you really want to know what you will get on achieving 1000 on your Snap streak? It might upset you, but you won’t get anything for achieving this big milestone except for a charming sticker of 1000. That said, you and your friend can celebrate this proud moment and mark this day in your diary to remember.

How much does Snapchat pay for $1 million views?

Firstly, you cannot monetize on your private Snapchat account. If you wish to earn through Snapchat, make a public account and again submit your best video to Spotlight to get the opportunity to win a share of 1 million dollars.

How many followers do you need to get a public Snapchat?

Snapchat offers a dedicated ‘Creator Account’ for content creators where they can build their community and become an influencer. However, to create a ‘Creator Account you must have at least 100 Snapchat subscribers.

How many subscribers do you need to get verified on Snapchat?

While this can vary depending on the changing policies, you need at least 50,000 views to get verified on Snapchat.

Is Snapchat no longer popular?

Snapchat has been ranked 12th on the list of social media apps with the most active users, surpassing Twitter and Pinterest. That said, it is yet to beat Instagram.

Why is Snapchat making you pay?

After Telegram and WhatsApp business, Snapchat improvised its business model and introduced its paid version in a bid to sky-rocket its revenue. Through Snapchat +, the app offers users exclusive features that it doesn’t offer in its free version.

What’s purple snap mean?

We have detailed everything about snaps in the first section of this guide. But never mind, here you go again. The purple snap icon or a filled square means you have received a video snap from a friend. While a filled purple arrow indicates, you have sent a video snap to your friend.


So that was pretty much everything about Snapchat streaks and Snapchat overall. Also, now you know who made the longest Snapchat streak ever and how to improve your streak score to get your name on the top. Snapchat is a simple app and goes with even a simpler rule. Whether it’s a streak or snap score, as long as you are active on the app, you have all these scores growing automatically. That means being ‘active’ is the key to success on this social media platform.