FaceTime calls are never-ending, especially when it’s your family or best friend on the other side. What do you think your highest call time score would be? 5 hours or maybe 10? That’s very rare, though.

Have you ever wondered what’s the longest FaceTime call ever? No, it’s not users! We have two qualifiers who set the benchmark for FaceTime callers. The longest-ever FaceTime call was said to happen between Caitlin and Alexis, with the call time lasting 88 hours. Yeah, that’s INSANE!

Let’s dig deeper into how these records are made and who else is in the top positions for the longest FaceTime call ever.

Scary Truth about FaceTime FaceTime can be addictive. Once you get used to it, there is no coming back. In fact, it can badly impact your mental health. We have heard some people saying that they have seen their death on FaceTime others have reported that they have seen dead faces on FaceTime as well as paranormal activities.

What is FaceTime?

Generally, only Apple users are familiar with this term. It’s a built-in calling and chatting feature on iOS devices that requires a Wi-Fi connection. It was introduced back in 2010 by the tech giant to connect people separated by boundaries. The feature works on all iOS devices, including iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks.

iOS users can make video calls to their loved ones living far away via this app. There are two conditions to use this app: first, both entities must have iOS devices. Second, both should have a stable internet connection.

The best thing about this feature is that the other person can see not only your face but everything you are doing on your phone.

What’s the longest FaceTime call ever 2022?

As of 2022, the longest ever FaceTime call ever recorded was 88 hours, 53 minutes, and 20 seconds. Allegedly, a couple named Caitlin and Alexis made the longest phone call by talking on FaceTime continuously for 88 straight hours.

What’s the longest conference call ever in 2022?

Cisco Systems saves the spot for the longest-ever conference call with a time duration of 138 hours and 58 minutes. The record was made back in 2020.

What is the weirdest FaceTime call ever?

The longest and the weirdest ever FaceTime call was recorded between a woman and a cat that went for 37 hours.

The longest call ever to customer representatives:

Allegedly, a man in the UK waited on a call for 20 hours to talk to a customer representative of his internet service provider to ask for a refund. He waited for 20 straight hours (almost a day) to speak to the customer representative.

Can you voice call on FaceTime?

Unfortunately, no. FaceTime is a built-in app made especially for video calls. Hence, you cannot voice call on it. That said, you can try WhatsApp for voice calls and chat.

How to disable FaceTime?

If you don’t use the FaceTime app much or, for any reason, want to disable it for a while, here is how you can do it:

  • Unlock your iPhone and open Setting
  • Next, you can either scroll down and open the FaceTime app or use the search bar to open it directly.
  • Once in that option, find the FaceTime option with a toggle next to it.
  • Once found, tap the toggle and turn it grey.

That’s how you disable FaceTime through the settings menu. Whenever you feel like turning it on again, just repeat the process.

Does using FaceTime have any pros and cons?


FaceTime is the most used in-installed app for iOS users. It is extremely convenient and user-friendly. That said, like other pre-installed apps, it also has some cons. Following, we have compiled the pros and cons of using FaceTime. Check them out.

Pros of using FaceTime

  1. Outstanding video and audio quality

When it comes to video and audio quality, FaceTime wins the game. All the sessions are free from hiccups and can support up to 32 participants at a time.

  • Free to use:

Unlike other video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, FaceTime is completely free. You don’t need to download it as it comes pre-installed on all iOS devices. Some of these apps are not even reliable as back in August 2020, there was a big Zoom outage all around the world, which affected business and classes for a short period of time.

  • Offer more functionality and features on Mac

The introduction of MacOS Monetary came with the additional features for FaceTime in iOS 15. The latest SharePlay feature lets users bring streaming videos to their FaceTime calls. Additionally, users can use different backgrounds to make their calls more aesthetically pleasing.

While there were many more other features, we only mentioned the ones we thought you would love.

Cons of using FaceTime

  1. Not fit for work-related apps

 One biggest disadvantages of FaceTime are that it is not suitable for productivity or work-related stuff, which is fair enough as the app has not been positioned for such a purpose. It is meant only for social chatting. You can switch to Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom for business or study-related purposes.

  • Non-Apple users cannot participate in video calling

No matter how good the app is at the end of the day, it still remains an Apple-exclusive platform where non-Apple users cannot connect. So yeah, this is another big disadvantage of using FaceTime.

Absence of Text messaging and audio calling feature

Almost all video-calling platforms offer text messaging in addition to the video-calling feature. However, FaceTime doesn’t have this feature. In fact, it doesn’t even have an audio calling feature which you may require in some cases.

Take Home Message

All in all, FaceTime is a useful app for iOS users. By making a record like 88 hours of calls on the app, the users have made it evident that the calls on the app can go this long. It has its pros and cons, like other video calling apps, but at the end of the day, it saves you by providing end-to-end encryptions and third-party apps that may monitor your calls and use them for illegal activities.