A shooting that occurred at a Stop & Shop supermarket office in West Hempstead, New York resulted in two employees receiving critical wounds, along with one being struck fatally. Although the exact details of the shooter are unknown, it is suggested that he was an office worker himself. The employee who died in the supermarket shooting was a 49-year-old man, said the police.

The other two people who were shot are in critical condition at the hospital. One of them was shot in the shoulder, while the other was shot in the chest, according to the police. The police have identified an alleged suspect; an employee who gathers carts in the supermarket’s parking area.  According to the police, his name is Gabriel Dewitt Wilson, who is suspected to have used a mini handgun to kill and injure his fellow employees in the supermarket shooting.

The supermarket shooting took place in the early hours of the morning. As soon as Wilson came to work, he strode up to the second-floor office and supposedly shot a man and a woman. He didn’t come to a stop here and proceeded to another office, where he fired and killed the manager, declared the police.

Despite the incessant killings, the police are still uncertain about the suspect’s motive behind the supermarket shooting. When Wilson fired at the employees, there were numerous shoppers in the store, said Patrick Ryder, who serves as the Nassau County Police Commissioner. While they began their search for the suspect, the nearby areas were sealed and residents were told to stay within their homes.

In a statement released to the public, the president of Stop& Shop, Gordon Reid spoke about the tragic supermarket shooting. He expressed his sympathies for the families of the deceased and injured and all those people who had to witness such a horrific incident.  However, he further said that the community is standing at a crucial juncture where it is imperative to “cooperate fully with local law enforcement on the investigation.” Moreover, Reid also announced that Stop & Shop will remain closed until further notice.

The Long Island supermarket shooting was addressed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who stated that he is “closely monitoring the situation” and the suspect will be caught and punished under the law.