In his last fight in 2017, Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Conor McGregor, a popular UFC fighter whose trash-talking and arrogance — rather than any skill as a conventional boxer — earned him a large payout.

Mayweather, who is unbeaten in 50 professional bouts, will now take part in a comparable event under identical conditions. On Sunday, Mayweather will meet Logan Paul, whom Mayweather believes is unfit to fight.

Nonetheless, the event is projected to generate millions of pay-per-view purchases and generate millions of dollars in cash for the fighters.

Here is a rundown of some critical information to know prior to the fight:

How to watch it?

The bout is slated for Sunday night at Miami Gardens’ Hard Rock Stadium. The pay-per-view card begins at 8 p.m. Eastern and is available for $49.99 on Showtime or Fanmio for viewing on T.V or streaming by mobile device or computer.

As many as 25,000 spectators are expected to attend the bout live, and Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions, predicted that tickets will certainly sell out.

How did both guys rise to fame?

Floyd Mayweather, 44, is regarded as one of the sport’s finest fighters, renowned for his elusive style and ability to sustain minimum damage throughout battles.

He became professional at the age of 19 and won his first championship in only two years. He has fought notable opponents including Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, and Canelo Alvarez.

Outside the ring, Mayweather routinely flaunts fancy automobiles, clothing, and jewelry, all of which are a reflection of his opulent lifestyle as one of the world’s highest-paid sports. Mayweather, dubbed “Money,” claims to have earned $1.2 billion over the course of his career. Mayweather served two months of a two-month jail sentence in 2012 for hitting Josie Harris, the mother of three of his four children.

26 years old Paul grew up in Ohio with Jake, his 24 years old brother, who competed in high school football and wrestling. He quickly gained a sizable following on Vine, a video-sharing app. His fame soared to the point that he dropped out of high school to consider a career as an entertainer, financed by money gained through adverts and sponsored postings.

When Vine was shut down in 2016, he shifted his focus to Instagram, YouTube, and other sites. He currently has over 19 million Instagram followers and 23 million YouTube subscribers.

How was this fight organized?

Floyd Mayweather announced his retirement in 2017 after his fight with McGregor. However, the prospect of facing Paul, whom Mayweather regards as easy prey, drew the boxer to the event, particularly given the social media star’s following and the possibility of a lucrative payoff — which Mayweather has compared to “legalized bank robbery.” Paul is a professional boxer who is 0-1 in his career. He has been practicing in Puerto Rico in preparation for this battle with the intention of improving his performance.

Things heated up at a May press conference at Hard Rock Stadium, when both men launched barbs at the other’s known controversies.

Mayweather previously said that he would happily fight Jake the same night. Recently, the younger Paul defeated former National Basketball Association player Nate Robinson and Ben Askren, the former U.F.C. fighter.