The coronavirus pandemic has caused absolute havoc in the life of earthlings. There is an evident chance that things might never get back to the way they were.

Although the first few months of the pandemic were spent in panic and hopes for the vaccine, people have adapted and accepted the situation now.

It seems that the coronavirus threat will exist for a long time, but life must go on. Even businesses have changed their way of operating because staying relevant and updated is the key to success.

There is no going back as some experts say, and so some businesses have begun to find new ways to keep business going. Internet and technology play a huge part in these adaptive strategies.

Businesses know that physically selling their products is no longer an option due to stay-at-home orders. Hence they have opened virtually, and now online orders and home delivery has become the new norm.

A lot of businesses have completely shut down their offices and gone online. For example, Emily McCartney Photography has started promoting its portrait business online through Instagram.

She explained how she is more focused on digital marketing to promote her business. She now aims at communicating with her followers to gain popularity and also hosts giveaways.

She also said that she used to travel for her business before the coronavirus spread but now she works from home. She is currently operating her business from Throckmorton, in Texas. This community, however, has very few people which are about only 1000.