In a historic move, President Joe Biden has nominated Lloyd Austin, the former Commander of the US Central Command, as the 28th Secretary of Defense. He is the first African American to hold this prestigious portfolio.  Austin was selected by the Senate majority.

By nominating General Austin as the Defense Secretary of the country, President Biden has once again conveyed a clear message that he intends to include people from diversified backgrounds in his cabinet.

Austin has expressed gratitude over his selection as the Defense Secretary of the United States, and said that he could not be more grateful. He is looking forward to working as the Defense Secretary.

One of the main concerns was that he has not completed his tenure as retired personnel. This makes him ineligible for the post.

As he is selected for this position. the fears persist that he has a military background – and he will act like a soldier. He has addressed all the issues and promised that he will seek the advice of civilian leaders as well, on matters of national interest, and security.

It has only happened three times in the history of America that a Defense Secretary was appointed after a waiver. The main reason for his selection is that he is qualified for this job, and he will perform better. He has a keen interest in the matters of defense and has a solid opinion about the defense policies.

He is a military man, and his experience is invaluable. He has all the expertise in the regions, where the country is already at war.

It is hoped that he will deliver to the best of his abilities, and will remove any reservations against him. He is confident to be in this position – and his willingness to work with civilians – is applaudable.