Celebrities love to lead a lavish life, be it luxury vacations that one can only dream of, or huge mansions that everyone wishes to live in. In this article, we will tell you about the top 15 most expensive celebrity houses.


P.Diddy’s European style, 22-story villa, worth $40 million is at number 15 on this list. It is located at Holmby Hills in California.


A 14000 sq. ft. 4 acres huge property of Dr.Dre in Brentwood, California ranks on number 14th. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brandy designed it. They sold this property to Dr.Dre at a steeped price, which is worth $40 million.

On number 13 ranks, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s $42 million home, which is a custom-made 25,000 sq. ft. property spanning over 150 acres in Malibu, California.

Ellen De Genres’s Santa Barbara estate worth $45 million, spanning over 17 acres is on number 12. She bought this luxurious 10000 sq. ft. Villa for $26.5 million back in 2015.

Demi Moore’s $45 million triplex penthouse in NYC is on number 11. Although he sold this house, the asked price was $75 million for this floating mention.

Let’s Begin the last countdown

Sting’s $50 million NYC penthouse spanning over 5417 sq. ft. ranks on number 10.

3 acres property overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Cindy Crawford’s beachfront Malibu compound sits at number 9 with the worth of $50 million.

Howard Stern’s $52 million Palm Beach mansion that sits on 18,673 sq. ft. and spans over 3.25 acres with oceanfront pool ranks on number 8 in the list.Custom-built elusive Jupiter Island of Tiger Woods that backs the ocean and sits on 10,000 sq. ft. is on number 7th in the list. This amazing house costs $54.5 million.

Tom Cruise’s $59 million ten-floor houses, just outside of Telluride, CO ranks as the 6th most luxurious celebrity house. It sits on 10,000 sq. ft. and allows a panoramic view of the mountains.

Jay Z and Beyonce’s $88 million Bel Air compound made of six separate structures and 30,000 sq. ft. main house comes on number 5 on the list.

On number, fourth lies Oprah Winfrey’s, ‘The Promised Land.’ It is a magnificent six-bedroom and 14 bathroom Neo- Georgian style house spanning over 42 acres.

George Lucas’s 4700 acre Skywalker Ranch is on number three with an estimated worth of $100 million. Details about the house are unknown yet, regardless, the known details prove, the house is nothing but a fantasy abode for many.

George Clooney’s Villa Oleandra in Laglio, Italy is a breathtaking estate worth $100 million. It ranks as number second on the list of the most lavish celebrities abodes.

Last but not the least, $125 million worth Bill Gate’s WA state-of-the-art lakefront estate, sitting on 66,000 sq. ft. is on number first in the list. It is surely a huge seven-bedroom, 24-bathroom house with many other luxurious and grand facilities.