Professional cuddlers offering online sessions amid coronavirus pandemic

Professional Cuddlers Go online Due to the Pandemic

As the pandemic hit the world, most countries have initiated a lockdown to slow down the spread of the virus. Due to the lockdown, many businesses were affected especially...
yard work burn off excess pounds put on during lockdown

Yard work or gardening can help shed excess calories during the lockdown

Take your gardening tools out, because according to new research you can lose a lot of weight with home gardening projects. Now, homeowners can burn off calories by working...
WILX announces Studio 10

WILX TV Introduces ‘Studio 10’ – A News and Lifestyle Program

WILX-TV VHF digital channel 10 is introducing a new program in October. The program named “Studio 10” would be broadcasting news along with lifestyle shows. The program will be available...
work from home

How to deal with loneliness when working from home?

We have to continue to work from home for some time now. Companies are receiving feedback that a growing number of workers suffer from stress complaints as a result. Reports...
strongest civilization

What is the oldest civilization in the world that has existed?

What is the oldest civilization in the world ? While compiling a list of ancient civilizations it is difficult to identify which one is the oldest. Here are a few...
designer masks to match dresses

Brides wearing Designer Masks Matching with their wedding dresses

Did you ever imagine getting married wearing a mask? This must not be how you imagined yourself on the happiest day of your life. However, the pandemic and the...
Class of 2020 celebration Graduation

Unique Graduation Ceremony 2020, Amidst a Global Pandemic

The unfortunate times during coronavirus pandemic are hard for everyone. The efforts of students who have achieved success during such hard times are commendable. Due to pandemic, there will be...
Romanian shoemaker creates size 75 shoes for social distancing

A shoemaker from Romania produces European size 75 shoes to ensure social distancing

A cobbler from Romania has created a revolutionary way to ensure social separation. Grigore Lup has made leather shoes in Cluj, Romania, a Transylvanian city for 39 years. Grigore...
movement snacks muscle toning work celebrity trainer kira stokes

Kiera’s new workout strategy turns dull workouts into weight loss

The start of the pandemic has brought us a lot of different lifestyle modifications. Not only, did it give rise to the term “new norm” has compelled us to...
Old Navy sells face masks for kids and adults

Old Navy sells Face Masks, but you’ll have to act fast

Are you tired of wearing the same bland and dowdy face masks every time you leave the house? If yes, then now this would be the perfect time for...