If you haven’t heard of Violet Summer, chances are you’ve been living under a rock, or maybe you’re just putting in the wrong spelling. It is spelled Summers, but people often refer to her as Summer as well, it matters less. What matters more is her background, personal and professional life, along with her achievements so far.

Want to know more about your favorite Violet Summers? Keep reading because, from her height, weight, age, family, OnlyFans, exes, current boyfriend, and even net worth, you will be able to find it all in this article.

However, before we get into the details about sensational Violet Summers, give a quick read to these 5 Violet Summers Fun Facts

Violet Summers love to buy and show off sneakers

Violet has many hobbies, which includes reading, acting, traveling, and photography

Violet is just 22 years old

There are two Instagram accounts of Violet. On is official and the other one is personal

Violet has a sexy style in terms of dressing sense

NameViolet Summers
ProfessionInstagram Influencer, Model
BirthdayNovember 28, 1999
Age22 years (2021)
BirthplaceTexas, United States
HometownTexas, United States
Instagram ProfileInstagram

Violet’s Background

The famous personality is a model, adult film actress, and social media star with a rather large following. She is not afraid to break stereotypes and show what people term it “too much skin,” as she smashes boundaries and rules set up by society. People are confused about whether to hate her or love her, as they usually are when a woman takes autonomy over her body. She does get a lot of backlash for being so “bold” by several conservatives, but it hasn’t stopped her from being herself and doing what she pleases with her body.

  • Birth & Hometown

She is 22 years old, born on November 28, 1999, in Arizona, United States of America. Although born in Arizona, she was raised in Texas, and currently lives in Phoenix. She got her early start when she posted her pictures on Instagram and people started appreciating and showing her love for the content she was putting out.

  • Early career

From a young age, she had a passion for cheerleading and dancing in her free time. Her career in modeling started very early in life. Now, her hobbies consist of traveling, photography, reading, learning, and internet surfing. She started small, uploading sexy pictures for a few hundred people, and grew her reach to millions. The model/actress was also featured in the magazine of 2020 and given the Penthouse Pet of the Month’s title for April 2020.

The pictures Violet Summers posts aren’t just any pictures, but ones in lingerie and swimwear, which is more enticing for her fans. Her explicit and seductive photos are what her fans adore; this was also how she gained her stardom.

  • Height, Weight, Personality

Violet Summer is 5ft 4inch, a considerable sub-optimal height, and the body of an hourglass with the perfect measurements of 34-26-35. She has light brown eyes and the body of a sex goddess, no lesser than Aphrodite herself. Her hard work and good luck are a duo of great potential and success.

Her charming personality, radiant face, and natural beauty make her a target of the vast masses’ attention. And it’s because of no silver spoon, but her constant worry about her appearance. She hits the gym very often and loves swimming. She also loves to cook healthy foods for herself. She loves to drink lemonade and eat Tacos in particular.

She doesn’t drink or smoke as mentioned by herself various times. The reason behind the choice is unclear, but it mostly seems to be due to health-related reasons. Instead, she likes spending time with her pet. Among her many hobbies is watching film and TV, just like many other regular folks. Her favorites in content include “Rick and Morty” and “The Office.”  She loves anything with Seth Rogan and Adam Sandler in it.

  • Family

Summers was born in a Christian family, where she was taught many aspects of the religion despite the career path she chose early on. Barring the support she has from her family, not much is public about the members of her family, their names, or what they do. All of her family including her mother, father, 2 brothers are anonymous except for her elder sister, Riley Summers. She loves spending time with her family, especially with her sister Riley.

  • Preference in Men

Summers is private about her personal relationship therefore there are no famous or semi-popular names associated with the adult entertainer. But she has left clues in various interviews regarding her interest in older men. She specifically talks about being attractive to those who are intellectual and hard to read.

Social Media & Reach

Her social media reach has gone off the charts for since long, but ever since she has been in the limelight, that reach has significantly increased. Her current Instagram followers rest at 11.1 million, with 1.1m followers on her backup Instagram account.

Her TikTok has a wild 11.8 million views, with Twitter having 814.3k followers. She does have an OnlyFans account as well, with many users paying her for her content on the famous subscription or tip-based site. Apart from these social media accounts, Violet Summers also has a Nudiez subscription-based profile. On this networking site, you can easily follow her, tip, and pay to get access to her private content that might be too lewd for other social media platforms. She joined YouTube on March 30th, 2021, and now has 29.6k subscribers.

Profession & Net Worth

She enjoys making adult films and being desired on the internet, and when she’s not having a blast doing that, she relishes collecting sneakers. She even calls herself a “sneakerhead.”

She started her modeling career when she was seventeen, which it does not end up being bad for you, can really kick start a long and successful career. The young adult film actress is as talented as she is alluring and sensual. It’s what keeps people interested in her, she tries to keep her content entertaining while portraying real-life details about herself.

The net worth of Violet Summers is estimated to be $1 million as of 2020. She earns money through ad campaigns, advertisements, brand endorsements, shoots, and other endeavors. Despite all that, she has even appeared in many TV shows, under several directors.

Final Thoughts

Whether you like Violet Summer or Summers, you might have a lot of fired-up people to defend her against. She herself does not pay heed to the critics and turns out that’s a much better way to live. Live your life according to your rules, leave everything else to take its own course.