If you haven’t heard of Violet Summers, chances are you’ve been living under a rock. But it’s okay if that’s the case. We are here to tell you all about her and more.

The famous personality is a model, adult film actress, and an Instagram star. Get on with the article to know more about her.

Violet-SummerssThis social media influencer is ready to break stereotypes and show as they term “too much skin,” as she smashes boundaries and breaks all codes, people are confused about whether to hate her or love her. Not only does she inspire woman, but get a lot of backlash for being so “bold.”

Read this article to know more about Violet’s personal life, hobbies, career, relationship preferences, net worth, and much more.

Personal Details

Violet Summers is a young model, 21 years of age, born on November 28, 1999, in Arizona, United States of America. Although she was born in Arizona, she was raised in Texas. She gained popularity from Instagram through her follower’s hearts reacting sharing her pictures on their stories.

The pictures Violet Summers posts aren’t just any pictures, but ones in lingerie and swimwear, which is more enticing for her fans. Her explicit and seductive photos are what her fans adore; this was also how she gained her stardom.

Violet Summers personal detailsFrom a young age, she had a passion for cheerleading and dancing in her free time. Her career in modeling started very early in her years. Now, her hobbies consist of traveling, photography, reading, learning, and internet surfing.

She started small, uploading sexy pictures for a few hundred people, and grew her reach to millions. The model/actress was also featured in the magazine of 2020 and given Penthouse Pet of the Month’s title for April 2020.

Summer is 5ft 4inch, a considerable sub-optimal height, and the body of an hourglass with the perfect measurements of 34-26-35.

Her hard work and good luck are a duo of great potential and success. She has light brown eyes and the body of a sex goddess, no lesser than Aphrodite herself.

Her charming personality, radiant face, and natural beauty make her a target of a vast masses’ attention. And it’s because of no silver spoon, but her constant worry about her appearance. She hits the gym very often and loves swimming. She also loves to cook healthy foods. She loves to drink lemonade.

violet_summersShe doesn’t drink or smoke like people her age. Instead, the old takes off for a long drive with her pet. She also loves watching movies and TV shows. Her favorites include “Rick and Morty” and “The Office.”  She loves anything with Seth Rogan and Adam Sandler in it.

She loves spending time with her family, especially with her sister Riley. Moreover, she loves eating tacos and acting.

She is private about her relationship but clued us in on her interest in older men, who are intellectual and hard to read.


As we write, she has 10.6m followers on Instagram, 1.1m followers on her backup Instagram account, and a large fan following on TikTok and twitters too. However, she does not have a YouTube channel as yet.

Apart from these social media accounts, Violet Summers also has Nudiez subscription-based profile. On this networking site, you can easily follow her, tip, and pay to get access to her private content that might be too lewd for other social media platforms.

Violet Summer ProfessionShe enjoys making adult films and being desired on the internet, and when she’s not having a blast doing that, she relishes collecting sneakers. She even calls herself a “sneakerhead.”

She started her modeling career since she was seventeen. And now, she even has the brand collection she sells online.

The young adult film actress is as talented as she is alluring and sensual. No wonder her social keeps firing up and her fans rocketing to figures of zero limits.

Net Worth of Violet Summers

Net Worth of Violet SummersViolet Summers’ net worth is estimated to be $1 million as of 2020. She earns through ad campaigns, advertisements, brand endorsements, and other endeavors. Despite all that, she has even appeared in many TV shows.

Final Thoughts

If there’s anyone comfortable wearing and posting naked, half-naked, or fully dressed, it’s our very own Violet Summers.

However commendable it might be, there are many negative aspects too. It seems like this lady is a force to reckon with a solid will to not back down from any fight. This thick-skinned exotic beauty knows her worth and is not afraid to flaunt it!