The political divide has many sides now than just the right and left, choosing liberal vs conservative more difficult than people think. There are even more complications to tend to, such as names that were considered progressive but are now identified as fake liberal news sites, left-leaning centrist sites, right-leaning centrist sites, and much more. However, if you are among those who prefer to lie on the progressive spectrum rather than the conservative one, you’ve chosen the right article to read.

In a simplified version of the content that leans towards the left, far away from the right, we have compiled the top progressive news and media content sites together for you. These may even include some controversial names, some lesser-known names, but all of them are credible enough to be your source of knowledge and information. Apart from just a long list of liberal news sites, we have also added a few bonus recommendations on unbiased news or media sites that you can benefit from. Read along to find out.

Daily Kos

With a slogan that says ‘News you can do something about, Daily Kos focuses on reporting issues and stories with the aim of not just awareness but awareness that then leads to action and solution in the matter. For people who like straightforward and concisely documented news but from a progressive lens, this one might be a great option to explore.


HuffPost is a media outlet known to report stories with their most humanistic aspect. Stories happening worldwide that may affect you as much as they affect someone outside of the U.S. focusing on a collective progressive approach not limited by borders. This one covers daily breaking news and headlines just as many others on the list, but the nuance on HuffPost stories is all the more people-focused. They maintain a level of diversity in the voices they represent and give a platform to, a core value among many liberal and progressive spaces.


From awareness, analysis to opinions, Truthout delivers hard truths from all over the political and social spectrum of issues that need to be addressed. This includes alleged progressive or liberal media outlets that are actually just centrist or conservative media wrapped in progressive packaging or only progressive when it suits their image, such as The New York Times. This makes part of their rigorous investigation into matters of social importance. Environment & Health, Economy & Labor, Prison & Policing, to Politics & Elections are all highlighted topics covered by them critically. Their methodology goes beyond reportage, and into analysis that helps lay points out to understand them in comparison.


Often when asked for a fresh spin on topics than the regular opposition of the conservative side that liberal media has, the ‘LiberalOasis’ name comes on more often than not. Bill Scher who is credited as the founder of the blog has stated “revitalizing liberalism” as the main aim of the website that tends to take a ground calling to both liberals and conservatives.

The political commentary from the website not only analyzes but also aims at explaining several left-leaning policies and point-of-views making it accessible to understand and where the main ideology behind it is coming from. People however have accused the website of still being majorly liberal rather than ‘finding a middle ground’ as the objective behind it claims it to be.


If you want a clear and critical reporting of policies and laws that address everything from civil issues, human rights, gender equality, to journalism itself, AlterNet might be just the right independent source of media outlet for you. It has a clear yet accessible interface for all kinds of users, it holds lawmakers accountable no matter their leaning or party. Media, economy, environment, health, politics, and rights are all their main categories that get further divided as topics go. Apart from their focus on news and world affairs, they also have a culture section that includes reviews of books and documentaries for the readers.

The Guardian

The Guardian might be one of the top liberal news site without a doubt, as they cover every topic from all around the world, with a single focus on truth and a non-conservative approach. Although there have been several criticisms towards this one too with several people denouncing it as a progressive site due to their ability to give a platform to people with a wide variety of opinions, including those on a somewhat crooked progressive scale. However, it is still one of the topmost credible progressive and liberal news sites all around the world, due to its global impact, not concentrated in one specific region.


You might already know of which is less a website for independent progressive news online but rather an organization or committee that works like an NGO working towards awareness and action-based in progressive politics. The campaign to mobilize on social issues to get the work done on and off the internet both.

Their website claims their name is rooted in their objective and requirement from America as a nation, “It is our challenge to America: to move forward boldly and fearlessly, upholding and enacting the values that will make our country work for all of us.” The organization’s support and the continuous campaign helped Democrats win major seats in both houses of Congress in 2006, taking former President Barack Obama to office.

Mother Jones

A liberal media website that actively works towards fact-checking and providing an elaborate report based on facts that happened as opposed to “alternative facts” often presented by news channels and sites based on their objectives. Their readership reaches 10 million people monthly, a good demonstration of their credibility. They also have a Podcast for those who prefer to listen more than they read. Their two main ones include an investigative one on political issues and another that has to do with everything food, where it comes from, how it is farmed.


ABC is a well-rounded media outlet with a fusion of news reporting to articles on lifestyle and reviews of products people might find interesting. It has been labeled as a liberal site due to its factual content, but most of the reporting on ABC News is incidents current or past merely being documented. They have breaking news, headlines, and video content directly from sites of incidents they are reporting. Hailing from their news channel, they have plenty of talk and analysis shows on-air currently that discuss and dissect the topics with an open progressive lens regarding the matter.

Another one of the top names in the liberal news siteslist is The Nation that meets at the intersection of culture and politics, bringing stories from different cultural movements together along with political stories. Often this one is credited with presenting unrelenting debates and hard-hitting debates insensitive but important matters concerning social, environmental, racial, gender, and civil issues.

The Nation

Their agenda is to bring truth to power by way of their words and reports that provide a deep insight for people to mull over, often that is done with a forward-moving, progressive lens rather than a restrictive conservative glance. They call themselves “the flagship of the left” as they continue to gather praise for the left and dissect everything about the right from their analysts, politicians to supporters to all forms.


Very similar to ABC News, this one also covers daily breaking news and headlines that are often viewed as progressive due to their factual reporting in the matter. They are one of the frontrunners in all kinds of national news and incidents, where they are often the first ones to reach and report the story. Their other sections, however, include many diverse voices that get to talk about stories that belong to more than just one section of society. This also includes several in-depth analyses about major laws and policies not only proposed but in place that can impact people’s lives in any major way.


A top progressive websites list would simply not come to fruition without the mention of the globally recognized and known CNN. This is hardly news to anyone, as the first international media outlet that comes to mind whenever you think about credible reporting, is CNN, followed by several other familiar organizations that are household names now. Similar to Guardian, CNN has also been trademarked and stamped with the liberal or progressive label due to the platform giving voice to several, different sides and parts of a story around the world. They cover everything from breaking news, celebrity, and entertainment, travel, sports, politics, to business as well as several different forms of written articles within these categories.


Time has been here with us for a long time now, and their take on different matters of politics, race, fashion, and culture is something that itself has become a cultural phenomenon with people. It is indeed now considered as one of the top progressive news sites due to its efforts towards featuring people from different backgrounds. Time, similar to its friends on the list, is no stranger to controversy either. Its most recent case of featuring tech billionaire Elon Musk as its Time Person of the Year for 2021 brought it to the forefront of people’s criticism. However, the majority of Time’s content ranks it towards harboring a progressive-leaning objective.

CBS News

CBS News is considered less for its digital media platform than it is for its news channel on-air. The truth is, however, the digital website is no less as it is also a great platform for people who want to catch up on news online instead of sitting in front of a TV to learn or educate themselves regarding a topic. You can find almost all stories that you can view on the channel with its digital coverage on their website. Their contribution towards both the digital footprint of liberal journalism along its daytime coverage is good.


Something common among leftists and centrists is their ability to look through non-partisan information without frothing at their mouths. This is why we also have a few suggestions on the non-partisan, neutral side of journalism that you can take advantage of.

As the name suggests itself, this one addresses all stories from a fact-checking perspective, making sure everything being reported is factually accurate or not. Usually, politically inclined websites and content platforms tend to exaggerate or straight-out manipulate facts not present or happening to further their agenda. Often having a fact-checking platform means you either end up proving the right or the left side, but none of that is intentional as the main objective behind the effort is to stop misinformation from spreading. Often misinformation campaigns can reach dangerous levels by creating unnecessary hate and division among an already politically divided nation. Platforms like FactCheck are aimed at dismantling any such campaigns and helping people see things rationally.

Project Vote Smart

If you are interested in looking up a political candidate, their electoral votes, backgrounds, the record of their political candidacy, Project Vote Smart makes it all possible, with an unbiased view. Often when news sites are biased and have a particular political leaning, they tend to favor certain candidates over others based on their preferred side. However, this makes for a less than favorable situation for people who need an unbiased view of the people they are voting for.

For this exact reason, Vote Smart contains information about everything from nominees to the elections itself, that can help you decide for your future leaders via a researched place.


Lastly, we have Spot-On which is also a similar addition to the unbiased news and information forum. This is often considered a rather centrist view than an entirely unbiased one, because instead of having a factual address they bring both arguments in, and place down what either side is saying in the matter. The analysis is supposed to help people view what either side is arguing for. 

These were the top liberal news sites and a few non-partisan sites for your knowledge-seeking. All of these are highly credible sites known for their intelligent reporting along with analysis of serious and important issues from not just the U.S. alone but other countries that affect U.S. politics and people too.