Levittown, Bucks County – a massive 3-alarm fire burned down an old bowling alley in the state on early Wednesday, authorities reported.

“Chopper 6 over massive fire at bowling alley in Levittown, Bucks County,” Action News on 6abc Tweeted.

The massive fire started at roughly 5:15 a.m., early morning on Wednesday at the 8800 block of New Falls Road, Levittown Lanes. Before 6:00 in the evening the area of the incident was engulfed in fire with a news outlet stating “the blaze had gone to three alarms.”

The pictures retrieved by the news reporters present at the location showed dark smoke over Levittown.

More footage received later showed much of the building destroyed due the fire. The entire roof of the building burned and fell down as fire took over the entire building, including a bar and the bowling lanes.

“The roof of a bowling alley in Bucks Co. has collapsed due to an early morning fire,” reported KDKA via a Tweet just a few hours ago.

Another picture provided by the Nottingham Fire Department from Bensalem showed ‘heavy flames’ going over the building before sunrise.

“The firs dispatch of fire trucks woke me up at 5 am. I could see the flames from my son’s bedroom window. So many good memories there,” tweeted an eyewitness to the incident.

In a recent post, the department’s website wrote they “are currently experiencing water pressure issues and a 3 alarm has been struck.” So far no injuries due to the fire have been reported so far.

The Levittown, Bucks County’s bowling center accommodates 18 alleys, a pizza shop and a bar. Not just that, but for a long time it has served as a venue for birthday parties, a variety of leagues and more.

The Levittown bowling alley was the first one in the state, hitting its 70th anniversary running this year.

Pennsbury School District has issued the following warning due to road closures: “Please be prepared for transportation delays this morning due to a major fire on New Falls Road near Pennsbury High School.  Several surrounding roads are also closed at this time. We are currently rerouting buses as needed.” According to the current update, “Fire crews are working to get control of a massive fire at Levittown Lanes Bowling Alley in Levittown, Bucks County,” FOX 29 Tweeted.