If Trump loses the upcoming elections, there will be no way out to counter legal cases against him. He may have to bid farewell to the president card that has granted him immunity against his criminal misconduct.

Trump’s presidency has shielded him against various investigations into his alleged fraud, harassment, and corruption. Once this invisible armor is taken off, he will be open to attack from all sides.

The defeat will at once make him vulnerable to all kinds of inquiries. His fraudulence in business financial matters, both by himself and through his company will be of prime interest.

Trump has been able to escape too many lawsuits. The most prominent one being a yearlong dispute over the submission of documents for his tax returns.

Polls indicate a lead of Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden. If Trump loses, legal plights entailing criminal examinations will come knocking on his door.

Trump’s removal will give prosecutors the opportunity they have been waiting for. The protection from both criminal and congressional cases will come to an end, and litigators will actively pursue the investigations.

Democrats are already developing a legal framework comprising Independent plaintiffs. They will carry out inspections on various individuals who helped enable Trump’s corruption.

Manhattan’s DA is carrying out the most extensive criminal investigation into the financial workings of Trump. Prosecutors hope to examine the possible forged business records, criminal tax fraud, and bank fraud committed by Trump and his firm.

Trump’s efforts of trying to get the subpoena against his accounting firm thrown out were met with failure. Several courts including a federal court ruled that the subpoena was valid, making this Trump’s second rejected appeal since July.

More than 30 summon orders were given to the Trump’s organization and businesses – on grounds of going against the emoluments clause of the constitution. Trump also made efforts to dissolve the defamation cases made against him by bringing the justice department into effect.

In case that Trump is victorious, he may be able to escape all these lawsuits against him by dragging them ahead or enjoying the protection from the Department of Justice.

However, if Trump loses, the decision of whether to go forward with these investigations would weigh upon the shoulders of Biden’s government and law enforcement agencies.