The left is not happy with a television station over a report saying that protesters are being arrested in Seattle.

This could not be a campaign against the left as KING-TV is more of a neutral station. The virtual channel owned by Tenga is an ordinary channel and there’s nothing exciting about it.

The station was hyped when it reported that 95 percent of people arrested in connection with riots and unrest were from Seattle. Something interesting was found regarding the suspects that 48 percent of them were are white and 32% claimed their hometown to be Seattle.

Kelly Jackson, one of the protesters, threw cocktails at the vehicles of the police during the protest. Jacob Greenburg, a nineteen-year-old boy, injured a police officer by hitting his head with a metal baseball. The officer could have died if it were not for his bike helmet.

The teenager amusingly texted his friend after the incident that he wished the officer was not wearing a helmet.

Another individual, Jeremiah Hilbert was accused of looting to which he confessed later. He was also caught ransacking the Seattle Old Navy store.

Chris Ingalls raised concerns regarding the arrests made at the Seattle protests and claimed to reveal some interesting facts on the KING station.

On Thursday, a large number of protesters gathered outside the KING-TV building. One of them talked to the media and said that the lives of protesters should be protected and I am here to do that.

The term ‘doxing’ was used for the station by the protestor. This means to reveal private details of someone so that people can hurt them in any way.

The protestors further said that they are afraid of the hate groups that could harm them by doxing them and accused KING-TV of reporting the arrests.

But the fact of the matter is that the media can report on arrests as that are public record and the station did not reveal any private information like address or accounts so they can’t be blamed.

However, people showed their anger towards KING-TV by tweeting that if anything happens to the protestors, the channel would be responsible for it.

It is really disturbing how these people are harassing the media and no one is talking about it.