Shortly after the second quarter started, LeBron James playing opposite the Oklahoma City Thunder and was barely able to graze the rim, and it has resulted in quite disappointing results for both James and Anthony James.

After gaining the title of the number 1 seed in the West it is easy to dismiss this game, but this game showed the lowest of their scores in the whole of the season. 

A quite similar game was seen just four days back against Toronto Raptors where the performance both in the non-garbage time and half-court was not at all impressive.

The sad reality is that some other teams have looked uncomfortable playing offense more than the Lakers.

The win of the Lakers against the Clippers shows the individual performance of Davis which was mainly from the free-throw line. They even admitted that getting points any other way didn’t work well for them.

Los Angeles gave its 11th-worst performance playing in the offense during the same season which means that there would be no surprise if the performance of Lakers against the Raptors would rank last.

It would be rather unrealistic to draw conclusions by just looking at four games of the season that too after a four-month break. However, their average half-court offense skills have been an issue for a long.

They have been relying on LeBron too long and have been below average in terms of 3-point-shooting in both effectiveness and efficiency.

Their offense has been ranked 15th with almost the same level of accuracy as that of the Phoenix Suns. 

Their performance in Orlando shows that they haven’t been working on their weaknesses and to do that they’d need players like Kyle, Waiters and, Rondo to play every game. If not that they’d have to make LeBron get hold of the ball more and play without breaks both of which are very risky to do.

To get better, they need better-supporting players and leave small room for mistakes, other making to the championships doesn’t look possible. The loss against Los Angeles should be considered a turning point since they aren’t the highest-ranked of the teams.