As the pandemic began air travel had to be closed off by many countries across the globe. Initially, when the virus was detected in early January, it rapidly spread across the world to even remote parts. The reason for the spread was because of the tourist or passengers traveling abroad. Hence, after the rapid spread, it became very difficult for countries around the world to contain the spread.

As the number of patients rose most countries started to run out of healthcare facilities to care for the patients, which in turn started getting adverse for countries and started putting on a financial burden on them. Hence, many countries decided to close off their borders to prevent the virus from spreading and to contain the situation within their own country.

As the airlines started to reopen many policies had to be made to keep the virus in check. SOPs had to be devoted to containing the spread. Many airlines included temperature checking and making masks compulsory while on the terminal and in the plane. The waiting area had middle seat covered with tape so a distance between two people on the benches could be maintained. Fewer people were allowed to stand in line.

At the Los Angeles airport, the authorities decided on a new system to ensure the distance between people. They worked on adding technology to ensure the safeguard of their passengers. So, they can develop trust with their passengers so they may opt for air travel again.

The technology called “safe distance” will help airports to practice safe social distancing and to gather data from people standing in life through projected movements. The technology allows for safe scanning of the environment to see how wide apart people are, how are they moving, how close they are from each other and what type of movements do they display while standing in lines.

As the airport opens up the technology is installed in full play. The data that has been gathered shows that the number of passengers has nearly doubled since April.

The data gathered from the Safe Distance Technology can be analyzed to see what changes needs to be made. Strategies can include allowing fewer people to stand in a line and increasing their signs and audio announcements.