Lauren Wolfe, the ex freelance editor dismissed by the NY Times for posting a tweet in favor of Biden, recently voiced her candid political position in an op-ed headline in which she said is a Biased Journalist and she is okay with it.

Wolfe was fired by the Times when she said she felt goosebumps in response to Biden’s arrival at Joint Base Andrews prior to his inauguration.

Wolfe stated in an article published Friday in Washington Monthly that being fair and having a point of view are not mutually exclusive and that journalists should not be required to conceal or hide their opinions.

Lauren Wolfe said that since she was dismissed from The NY Times in late January, regardless of what she wrote or said about journalism online, furious individuals have emerged from their hiding places to scream at her. They assert that she is prejudiced… that all journalists are corrupt, and that she is the epitome of why no one believes anything the media says.

Wolfe stated that being an impartial journalist does not imply being “you” since political prejudices must be “hidden,” but added that this does not mean our implicit bias does not influence our source selection or even the stories we cover.

She added that she has always thought it’s best to be candid about her opinions on the subjects she covers, which have included human rights and war for a long period of time. Lauren Wolfe also asserted that she often writes with an agenda in mind—with the goal of effecting change. Therefore, she said , she is prejudiced, and deliberately so, when it comes to some subjects—particularly when it comes to crime reporting.

The journalist chastised media companies for their unrelenting pursuit of objective balance in their reporting, which she said has really resulted in a hazardous imbalance—with publications giving as much room to falsehoods as to truths. She said that as a journalist, her activities had impacted change, and it became part of the narrative she was presenting. According to her, it would have been difficult to continue journalism without revealing this, and she couldn’t just stop covering what the little girls were going through.